We evolve. With time, with age- with availabity of things, perhaps.

Staying India for 26 years, and that’s how old I am, I think I have misjudged the potential of a tropical beach house in coastal interior decor land. I love pale blues and white furniture and I have been whitewashing eversince. But I think its time for a ‘plush-tropical-beach-house-with-rattan-and-palm-tree’ version of coastal decor, with Indian elements thrown in here and there. Loads of copper utensils and colored lanterns that tell people in USA to come and have an exotic vacation! Haha, well no, Indian is not my style but tropical coastal definitely is.

Too bad that an Australian Magazine had to tell me that my home is perfect for that kinda setting, not to forget that this magazine’s got me absolutely crazy with tones in Coastal decor that I never liked before. I’m going natural plush Coastal if you all don’t mind.

I think I am increasingly getting drawn towards the tropical beach house interiors or in my lingo ‘plush…etc…etc…palm tree’ style because it kinda goes well with my geological position. (Bollocks…its me changing my style again). We are a subtropical country and we have greens all year round, we are a warm country and so should our decor reflect, we have rattan lampshades selling for 250 bucks on the sidewalk and this is me! I should actually make the most of it and not try to create a Scandinavian home because I don’t have that kind of a setting (And I LOVE SCANDINAVIAN STYLE). Your geography is like the background music of a movie. It has to sync, yo!

My country is not white and blue. It’s full and vibrant and one where everything is high contrast. Well, if not to that measure, I guess I should throw in some tropical love! I’m ready to give my beach house love a new definition.

We are having a little furniture swaps and some new elements are flowing in this weekend- all done in wood accents, I can’t wait to foof things and match them with lot of whites ๐Ÿ˜‰

Three palm trees and aย rattan pendant lamp are coming in on Friday

Trumatter is going old, tropical, plush and natural coastal.

What do you think about it?

6 thoughts on “Trumatter’s going Natural Coastal”

  1. sounds divine. and of course our tastes will always be evolving as new experiences change us and propel us to grow. creativity rocks!

    smiles to you.


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