Winter is blankets and never getting out of it, amongst other things and I do think that I have quite a few excuses tying me down to the bed. Yup, my old lovelies and trustees who’ve warmed my heart on many a cold winter’s night! best part is, none of them are boring, expensive or uncomfortable. In short, they are a 100% #trumatterstyle

Welcome, ladies and gents, to a piece I hope you’ll find handy- the first of our three part blog post on winter home furnishings- throws, duvets and blankets.

Gulmohar quilt by House of Ekam

Umm, actually, Mumbai does not honestly witness a drop in temperature per se. Like I’ll be lying if I told you you need monkey caps (Haha, I am a bengali. My definition of cold start from monkey tupi) but hey! it does go down just a notch. Enough to switch the AC off and keep the fan low and that’s winter enough for us. Plus, I’m a girl of the season and all about creating that warmth & happiness whether or not we have chilly feet. Haha.

*Cues Let it Snow by Michael Bublé in the background*

But I know for a fact that some of you are experiencing the beautiful thing called winter and if you like a slice of cozy with your coffee, this blog will help you narrow down a few cozy winter throws and duvets that I have used over the years and absolutely love. Plus, a few of them looks quite wintry with its cable knits and stuff but can be used in summers too. So there! Disclaimer is done. I am all set.

Let’s begin!

#1 This sheep’s wool rug

The sheeps wool rug was gifted to me by mum & needless to say it’s the most special part of this whole nook. Sheeps wool rugs doesn’t shed easily, are wrinkle-free & are super-easy to maintain. It contains natural moisturizers & thus makes is marvelously soft too! If you can get an ethically sourced sheep’s wool rug, by all means grab it.

#2 This cable knit throw

Throws instantly add to the warmth & coziness of a space and I love that. Got a bland looking sofa? Throw a throw on it. Can’t decide what to do with that corner stool? A throw and a book does it. Throws are available in a plethora of materials from wool to cotton, and almost act as the most versatile elements in your spread. I bought this cable knit throw from Pluchi years ago, and it still cheers up my home.

#3 These knitted cushions

Knitted cushion covers are just a perfect reflection of the winters, perhaps because of their likeliness to a sweater. Their texture, pattern & color schemes are so diverse and it’s so much fun to hug one of these! It’s divine. While the brown one was knitted for me by my super talented mil, the plain knit in grey is from Pluchi. Again.

#4 This Chenile blanket-throw

A chenille blanket is that cherry atop the already delectable cake. Crafted from caterpillar-like yarn, this material is fuzzy & velvety in texture. Soft & chic, this addition to the space is perfect for a warm & elegant look that we’re going for.

#5 Grandma’s knitted shawl

Well, this is probably something money cant buy but this winter, get to your grandmom and grab a shawl from her. I’ll tell you why. Even after years, when you wrap that around you, you’ll smell her. And that is cozy for the soul and not just for the house.

#6 This TILKORT quilt with the BRUNKISSLA cover by IKEA

Thin, cool and comfy – a great choice if you are often warm at night, which is us in Mumbai. It can be washed frequently and at high temperatures – and it dries quickly too. With the BRUNKISSLA cover this is one of those quilts that hugs you in return

Well, that’s it! A round up of our fav quilts and now if you will excuse me, I have some news to catch and a blanket to be in. As is, the day was kinda bad thanks to all that’s happening in the country but I am hopeful. Hopeful that better sense will prevail and things will be alright.

For now, happy warm feet and not getting out of blankie days to you!

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  1. Hey Rukmini, I found your blog and it pleases my visual appetite and just because of you I feel very nostalgic when I read Grandma’s knitted shawl section.

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