You all have seen my day bed in my living room.
Like you couldn’t miss it if you tried thanks to the million photos I have added of my living room (somehow) on my instagram. Haha, it’s been my photo muse, my cushion showcase studio, my candid cat photo background, best friend on a cold night, pass out place- for me and umpteenth others after a good session of untamed drinkage- and ofcourse, a place to while away with the cat on my feet when everything’s done and dusted. But for a place that sees so much of us, it was very uncomfortable.

And somehow, changing to a better, comfortable mattress- although burned at the back of my mind- never came to fruition!

But it was just a Mattress Of Time

A third of our lives is spent on our bed and yet it’s the last thing on our mind when we set out to decorate our homes. Honestly, I am guilty of this too. It was not until last year that I changed my bedroom mattress when my hands started to ache badly and realized that’s probably where I should have put my money first. And eversince I changed that, I wanted to do away with the mattress in our living room chiefly on grounds of comfort but also in terms of form. As I like to call it, the three mattresses- from our spinster and bachelor years- that made up our day bed- kinda coagulated in places giving us a terrible lumpy seating experience. Plus, it had kinda shrunk so the bedding- no m atter how tight you’d tuck- would always look uneven and weird. The center had puffed up because we used to sit on the sides and it looked like a weird blister of sorts which wouldn’t budge. Haha, seriously. Charge me guilty.

But then Harry and Meghan got married and sent a present

Yeah, like friends of mine you know. So I had gone ahead and ordered the mattress from Hush a week before {They kindly sponsored this to me} and it came to me on a perfect day while I was rearranging the coagulation-cotton under my derriere to find a comfortable seating to watch the royal wedding. Atleast I got to watch half of it in this beautiful mattress with a ‘cuppa tea’. Like the extreme outer crowd who got their own lunch, I got my own mattress. Beat that for a fan.

A little about our mattress

A leveled bed is so underrated! You’ll know if you’ve had India roads like bed all along, you will. Anyway, to be honest, it’s quite overwhelming to choose a mattress given the plethora of options available today but I know for a fact that a day bed should be two things-

A. Comfortable
B. Should be able to protect your spine. Because it’s a space that’s generally used for lounging, reclining and seating in common rooms, it’s important that it holds your form.
So the Memory Foam mattress from Hush was a good choice for us. We looked into the composition a bit. 3 layers- A top layer of temperature sensitive memory foam helps reduce tossing and turning by up to 80 percent compared to ordinary mattresses, a mid layer of high resilience PU foam lends comfort and softness to the mattress and a supportive base layer of rebounded foam ensures that the natural S shape of your spine is maintained through the seating or sleeping position. Plus it gives you 5 years warranty against manufacturer defects. It was more than enough for us.

And yet, I wanted to wait for more than a month to tell you that its awesome. Why? because I had to be 100% sure that its what you want. Using it, I wondered why I didn’t do this before because it changed the lounging experience by miles. Its so soft to touch and contours so well with your body- it’s really, really comfortable. Although we were playing #WhatTheFluff here but you can see how beautifully the mattress contours. Look into those fluffy paws making pretty dents on the marshmallow-cream mattress. We love it!

By the way, just so you might to keep a check list for choosing a good mattress, here are 10 things that you need:

When to buy a new mattress

You know it’s time to let your mattress go when
a. It forms a dip when you lie down
b. Your partner wakes up when you toss and turn
c. You toss and turn a lot and have disturbed sleep
d. Your hands and back starts paining

There are a whole lot of mattress to choose from today but a hybrid or combination of latex and memory foam works the best for me. You can choose 100% memory foam which contours to your body giving you relief from pressure point aches. A good one helps in keeping your spine aligned.
Hybrids are the most common and have a half and half of inner spring + Memory foam or Latex + memory foam which gives the much needed “Hotel Bed” like bounce and also protects your spine.

Choose a company that you feel is reliable and offers good guarantee on it. This post is sponsored by Hush Mattress and we have a 5 year guarantee on it.

Alright then. Off.
The clothes must come off the line because it’s looking like it’s going to rain cats and dogs.
I hope its cats, Muzu will be super excited

Rukmini XO

3 thoughts on “The Long Overdue Daybed Revamp. We chose Hush Mattress”

  1. Memory foam mattresses are the latest but they are kind of pricey too. So it would have been helpful if you did the cost benefit analysis. Also since in India we often have to sit in our beds especially daybeds what effect is it likely to have on the mattress. Recently a sensible and good doctor advised on national television to use the mattress in the bed only for sleeping as sitting or using it for any other purpose can damage the mattress and by extension the quality of sleep. Since few of us have the luxury of using our beds and mattresses only for sleeping is their any other option that may reduce the deterioration. Please Rukmini help me out as I am struggling to replace the mattresses in odd sized beds.

    1. I wish I had a whole lot of knowledge about the mattress costs but I think coir ones are the cheapest. They are supposed to be good for your spine and all but I can’t sleep on them. Memory foam is expensive but my back and hand pain completely vanished once I shifted from coir to memory foam. The sleep has been undisturbed and very less toss and turn. As for the doctor, come on! We can’t have dedicated mattress for sleeping. And one that supposed to be good for your spine while sleeping should be good for you even when you are lounging. As for Odd sized beds, Hush customizes the size for you and you can get a number of choice in a very nice price range. We spend a lot of money on lot of things but a good mattress but I highly recommending investing in one. It’ll be there for years.

      1. Alas I wish I could afford memory foam as common sense seconds the compelling argument you make based on your experience. And in the doctor’s defense what he meant was sitting and lounging in beds and mattresses damage it as the weight is concentrated on one spot as opposed to lying down . Once that happens the mattress will no longer have an even surface and therefore not be as effective as it was meant to be.

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