These space saving hacks will make your kitchen look organized and beautiful. There, I said it. And if you are one of those who sided with those ethernet brouhahas about how bloggers write their entire lifestory before giving out a recipe, you can just go. Don’t even read this piece, its not worth your valuable time. But if you belong to the other side who heart to read in general and connect with a person over long form content, welcome. Welcome to this tiny space where I put my heart out and digress like a princess. Jesus, please let me open my heart out and write. No, its not SEO like how those Quora fucks justified. It’s not. It’s outpour of powerful emotions recollected in tranquility. If you don’t have the stomach for that, the door is on the other side.

It makes me so sad to read such things. Whatever happened to eagerly waiting for a blog to be out so one could read their favourite piece from their favourite author. What happened?

Anyway, now that I have made my point – and if you are still reading this, congratulations, you have chosen the right side like our beloved Harry- let’s get on to the rental kitchen that we have fancied up. Oui?

You cannot have a shoddy kitchen. Because it reflects the health of your home. Rental, no rental, just master the courage and get out of that “I cannot do anything because it’s rental” mindset. Truth is, over the period of time, with the real estate going high and the inclination to stay in the city lowered, a lot of us would rent up in the city before going back to our permanent retirement home. That’s fact.

Secondly, when I say these hacks will do great things to your kitchen, you don’t have to do this all at the same time. You can plan out one thing at a time and over a couple of months get it all done.

Alright. Let’s get to the actionables then

The 10 hacks that’ll make your kitchen look organized and beautiful

Hack 1: Group your things according to use

For example, your teacups, plates, teapots and quarter plates should ideally be at the same place. I’d group my dinner plates as well because sometimes you need them. Your pots and pans should be grouped as one unit. The mixer grinder and grinding essentials as one and baking supplies as one unit. Why is it important? Because it saves you immense amount of frustration.

Hack 2: Group things according to frequency of use + Label them

How often do you use something in your kitchen decides the space it gets. The ones you use often, keep them in shelves at your eye level. Easier to reach, no bending or crooning your neck. Things that you use rarely can go in shelves below on top. For example? An Icecream machine in winters, momo stands, ocassion centric baking trays and so on.

My coffee machine sees a lot of use and that’s the first thing I turn to in the morning and I would hate if I have to look for coffee, sugar or kitchen cloths elsewhere. I keep all this on the right side of my counter along with my travel mugs, cook books and staples like salt, pepper, oil and tea.

And while you are at it, label your things. It will save you a lot of time just looking for stuff. Label link, end of post

Hack 3: Create vertical space that are also movable

A simple kitchen counter can be made immensely more versatile if you give it a bit of thought. How? Add wooden boxes/ shelves on top to maximize the space. Add hooks, shelves and racks.

Take a look at these two spaces for reference

I added a wooden rectangle as long as my second counter to maximize space and also coloured the front of my kitchen counter stone with the same paint I painted the shelf with to make it look like one unit. To further maximize space, I added hanging hooks for my cup that are super easy to install and also groups cups together. My entire breakfast and tea/coffee set up in right here.

Right below, hidden behind the curtain is my mini pantry which has everything stacked- from maggie to maida. Open the curtains and you know what you need to stock.

On the other side of my kitchen, I added a full scale shelf to hold my pots and pans. Everyone has shelves in their kitchen- this is where clever decision comes into play

Hack 4: Buy everyday storage, utensils and cookware that look good in plain sight

Everyone has shelves in their kitchen. The difference is what kind. Imagine a steel shelf in here. Would this space look just as good? Weigh your money and style and do clever buying. As opposed to a normal steel shelf, I added a powder coated white shelf and did a little color coordinated pots and pans so it looks great in plain sight as well as do the job just fine.

I will add the links of everything I used in here at the bottom of the post. Don’t worry. You can skip it too but I’d say read. Because buying good products don’t help if you are not getting the drift.

I also have noticed over years that people have way more than they actually need. So before all this, just declutter. And then group away!

Hack 5: Basket, basket, basket

Grouping is fun when things stay in their place. Kitchen utensils are like a herd of sheep. No matter how much you try and keep them in one place, they always find a way to escape. Put a fence! Haha, or in this case, add them to baskets.

My one single source of buying insanely cool baskets is this brand called OrganiseWithEase who does amazing products to organize your home and work life. They also help you in moving and setting up homes, organizing your home and workspace, and do online consultations to get your home clutter free and organized as well. They also are my favourite place for labels.

Hack 6: Cookware and Serveware that multitasks

If you want a nice, clutterfree, good looking kitchen that’s not weighing down on you, invest in cookware that multitasks. For example, the Red Fujihoro stockpot does broth, steamed dumpling, ramen and also fries.

The casserole I use for everything – from baking bread to making biryani. You can find the recipe here.

The saucepans make tea, payesh, daal- name it. Wipe them clean with a little vinegar if you have made something spicy.

The lodge cast iron is perfect for frying. It works gas top and also goes in the oven so for roasts, that’s my go to. No change of plans or pans.

So to put it in a nutshell

a. Group things according to use

b. Group things according to frequency of use

c. Use vertical spaces and maximize kitchen space with shelves, racks and hooks

d. Invest in utensils and cookware that looks good in plain sight

e. Group things in basket to keep them from mixing and also for ease of finding them in one place

f. Buy cookware and serveware that multitasks.

A Little Cheer can’t hurt

Not quite a kitchen hack but a soul hack! Add little nuggets of cheer in your kitchen so everytime you walk in, you feel good. The coffee bar sign on my wall is by a sweet girl who makes signs at TheWriteHouse. You will find her on instagram while the posters are our own design, available at our online shop. Books are by friends which I am grouping below!

And I hope you have now gotten over the fear of useless information while reading a blog and have enjoyed this piece as much as I have penning it down. Cheers!

Links to everything in my kitchen

Red and White casserole + White teapot – Fujihoro

White shelf- IKEA India

Coffee Machine- Morphy Richards

Oven- Morphy RIchards

Cup Hooks- Amazon, India

Tea Towels- IKEA India

Baskets + Labels – Organise With Ease

Books by Aimee Twigger from Twigg Studios, Nandiya Iyer of Saffron Trail, Shivesh Bhatia and IKEA Sweden.

Rug from Amazon India

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