If you are feeling low, hopeless and stuck, I hear you. And I assure you, it is not you. It is everything around us. We haven’t seen anything like this before and while we are slowly breaking and building ourselves to be better equipped for something like this, the breaking does have an effect on us.

Truth also is, this whole breaking and building is inevitable as we evolve. A lot of things are not in our control and that can brew anger within. But I’ll tell you, and its coming from someone who has lost her mother in these very difficult times, focus on what you can control. Because when you learn through your loss, it doesnt just teach you to survive but to win.

Because haar ke jeetne wale ko baazigar kehte hain! 🙂

Think Pink for Pandemic

Because home decor is what I know how to do best, this is what I am doing to incorporate a bit of feel good in my life. Im adding bits and pieces of pink here and there in my daily life that somehow helps me keep the hope alive.

You can argue that it’s pointless but would you rather try and feel better or not try and wallow in the state of things? And even if you are the latter, let me tell you with conviction that it’s all not aesthetic faff foof. A bit of pink is said to be very useful specially when one is dealing with grief and it is a colour that is seeing a major upheveal in 2021. From Wall Street Journal to Washing Post, Pink has made it to the list of colours for pandemic in every single article and its also in Pantone colour of the year Spring 2021! Not for no reason right?

And honestly, it’s not just all faff show. Colours affect us in various ways and pink – which is essentially a shade of red- brings in the much needed calm, nourishment and love in your home. peachy pinks are good for mental wellbeing, warm, radiant pinks help combat hopelessness and overall, the colour has a very caressing, soothing effect on us. From walls to decor; from bath supply to utensils & even your loungewear- a bit of pink can certainly cheer you up and rightly, you should think pink for times that’s bogging you down. Here are few things I am using except for the ASOS bag which is in my list that’s bringing me much happiness… Adding the links below in hope that it’ll help you too!

List and Links

Pink Tshirt: By WestSide

Pink plate: by IKEA INDIA

Pink cushion: By KaribyKriti

Pink teacup: by DecrorKart

Pink tote: by ASOS

Tea: By Oh Cha

Pink Bath bombs: By The SassBar

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