Valentine’s Day decorating ideas you will love and one that will also go way past valentine’s day. You know, for years I found it really corny to deck the halls in pink for Valentine’s Day. Rohan and I are both non-PDA and we don’t necessarily ‘show’ love as much as we act it and out of it. I will make it a point to get in his favorite fish. He will run his hands on my head. We will jointly decide to not drink or drink till the pancreas cries for help. We go places together. We also do individual things. We never sleep without leg and hands contact. That there is love in between us is obvious but the show of it all- not so much. Sometimes we do say things like “you are the love of my life” and mean it deeply too but mainly because he’s helped kill a cockroach.

I wish I was like Julia Child and Paul Child. Happily wearing a red paper heart and soaking into words like you are the butter to my bread. But it’s just not.

So how does one celebrate this beautiful day of love without making it all very cheesy?

Here are a few easy Valentine’s Day decoration ideas that are romantic, beautiful and very non-cheesy

Think Blush: The trick to a very sophisticated, modern and non-cheesy valentines day decor is to sprinkle a little muted blush here and there. Through fabric, accents and flowers. I would also go a few shades lighter and darker for a bit of variation but blush is it. Not bubble gum pink, not red, but blush. You can pair them with neutrals or bolder colors like Navy, Emerald, Wine and Charcoal.

A DIY XO table-cloth will be great alternative to a traditional red or pink cloth. Totally loved Bird’sParty’s idea! Image from the same. I would probably get it some baby pink and cream dinnerware.

Paper heart buntings with wooden ornaments keep it subtle and gorgeous. A Wonderful Thought‘s mantle has me swooning for sure.

The Rose Bouquet trick: A bunch of roses can never go wrong, more so if paired with the right accents. Love the pale pink roses here in a Diptyque glass and the heart bowls beside. Together, they make a lovely vignette at Summer Adams’. Also, sharing one of my own favorite valentine’s day bouquet that I made last year for our living!

Add color with candles: Switch your regular candles with petal pink/blush candles. Cox and Cox‘s gorgeous candles are totally swoon worthy. I have found similar ones at ThePurplePony Left to Right.

The Pink book vignette hack: Get out those pink books or paint some of them in shades of pink! Home talks totally nails the tutorial here and Gosh do I love them! Specially the labels. Gorgeous.

Heart wreaths: Tiny heart wreaths look beautiful and if its a fragrant herb or flower like rosemary or lavender, you get a beautiful smell around your space too! The lavender heart wreath trick can be replicated with sea lavender too! Once dry, sea lavender retains color and can be used in multiple ways. You can also spray them with essential oils. Source of lavender and Source of rosemary wreath

Swap your wall arts with a funky heart art: You want to display a heart? choose the real deal. A modern rendition or a folk rendition of the mass-heart-painting would be great! Like this painting of The Sacred heart! Source

A little chalkboard love goes a long way: Do you have a chalkboard somewhere? Hang it up and do a Valentine’s Day art. They look beautiful. Source

Red grain sack and toile prints: This according to me is the only acceptable way to do red for valentine’s day. Add in some red gingham and toile with your existing decor for a very romantic, farmhouse fun spin. Source

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