20140323_111005View from the Bedroom Balcony Yes. I’m 2 level short to being a Bedouin and I don’t mind it by least. Not anymore. Call it finding happiness in everything or just ‘getting used to it’: I now enjoy moving homes because- a> New home, new place, sort of exciting b> New decorating possibilities and lots to blog Here’s what I’ll be playing with 20140323_110757The hall. Straight ahead is the bedroom and the aisle has 2 French windows. Hmm… sort of exciting…hanging flower baskets then? Something like this? Hanging-Planters What do you say. Its on the 9th floor of a handsome multistory and I’m wondering if I should use sheers. It’s airy and I don’t think anyone would care to peep 9 story high 😉 20140323_110732 20140323_110742The kitchen. Two platforms are good. Very good. Wondering which side to keep the “masala” and which one to use for crockery. Thoughts?   That’s about it for today from a very, very tired girl 🙂 Ideas welcome and will be incorporated.   Toodles XO

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