Neutral decor is my thing and I have this huge, humongous thing with soft, organic, neutral shades that don’t demand too much attention but offers the world when it comes to comfort and style. Funny as it may sound, over a period of time I have tried to get in colours in my home many, many times and ways. Specially in 2017. For shoots and brand integration and collaborations, and sometimes just because I felt a little change will be awesome! But somehow I’ve always found myself crawling back to monochromes and neutral decor as if there’s an emergency of sorts. Almost aspirinish if you ask me. Like a headache that must be cured. Funny right? Like I’d get in a few shades for novelty and fun but like a home girl I’ll always go back to my favourite: black, white, grey and a whole lot of neutral with a touch of green. I can never quite keep it colourful. While last year, like I said, I experimented a bit with colours, 2018 I am going back to where it all started- a clean, neutral decor with a beach house vibe but only a bit more organic and matured.


You know, over the years my decor style and sensibilities have evolved a lot and I sometimes compare spaces just for the thrill of it. Pastel shades have given way to solid, neutrals. Store bought flowers have given way to foraged flowers and mostly foliage. Storage and utility essentials have changed from plastic and nylon to natural fiber and material, and ofcourse, crystal chandeliers have been replaced with dreamy macrame fluffy white tasseled ones. In short, this wannabe beach house has gone from being a pastel heavy coastal home to a more matured organic, natural, fresh coastal that brings in natural tones and shades derived from plants and natural materials. Which also brings me to talk about Macrame.

Now, honestly, if you have been following the blog world and even decor accounts on insta, you’ll know how much this whole “Boho Chic” style have caught up. And why not when it looks that damn gorgeous. Me on the other hand am not much of a boho girl while I’d love a few knick knacks and love to steal a few elements from the style to incorporate into my own. Macrame is one such thing.

I always wanted to add a bit of crochet and macrame in and around our tiny loft- because it looks fabulously dreamy with its tassels swaying in the air (fan) and all and I finally found that dependable girl who does Macrame everything like a dream. Her name is Dia, she spearheads “Copper Fringe” and you have to check her work out. From hammocks to shelves, lights and planters- her yarn work is exemplary and the pricing is really reasonable. By far, Macrame in India meant ganpati and door hangers and I am glad someone got over it and brought us some global styling that we were swooning over so long in etsy. Haha, we survived the shipping test. I think I was eyeing Macrame from last summer but somehow took me sometime to figure this out.


Oh, see, we are in summer! It’s been 38 outside for a few days and the aircon is on, which means loads and loads of white are in order along with light tea, cat bath and an ahem…cat neutering.


Haha, did you know my whole world right now revolves around two cats? The two miserable feline creature who have currently taken over this household and also contribute to my neutral decor with their white and grey fur balls strewn all around the house? Haha, Ofcourse you do because they are all over my instagram. Sometimes I think I can weave a rug from the amount of fur they shed. But I couldn’t love them any less for the cleaning we have to do.

You know, I have had so many people telling me “oh, but i thought youre more of a dog person”, and Im like whats the difference? I could never get this cat dog person thingy. I think I am just as cat lady as I am a dog person- though I personally think the disposition of a cat is more suitable to my taste and living. I love how they dont demand attention all the time. That’s about it. Given a chance I’ll have a dog too, but laterz. Oh, Poor Muzu will bite the stones in April and I’ll be disappointing many who wants Muzu and Michiko’s children. Sorry paps.

Called in sick to work today and thought I’ll finish this blogpost finally that I started about 3 days ago. Which it is now. oh, and by the way, did you know you can use Macrame shelves not just for plants but for creating a sweet coffee nook too? Or your bathroom shelf perhaps? See what I did to mine for a little chat in the house.

Reminder to self: Why cant you ever write a blog within 500. Why?


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