Now this, is my kinda fall decor. Slathered in neutral, made cozy with texture and with just the right nudge of ochre and burnt sienna to bottle the nuances of fall- this is what warms the cockles of my heart!

Hello and welcome- (guilty of literally vanishing from this space (yeah, yeah, very dejavou-ish))- to trumatter where we discuss all things aesthetics and drink coffee and speak rubbish and sometimes discuss life altering things like fall decor. Please do not contest me. Fall decor or any decor for that matter can and do changes lives. For the good. It can transport you to another land, calm your senses, put a spring on your step and make you feel you are in winter wonderland even if you are in the middle of Sahara! Read that in a Snape-ish tone if you like.

In retrospect, I am actually pretty happy that somehow this whole pandemic has forced us to look within our homes for comfort. I see so many more people take interest in their homes now- it truly makes me feel very happy. Haha, the tribe is getting stronger.

Anyway, back to topic and fall decor- I truly enjoy cozy, texture laden fall decor in neutral and not so much of the heady orange tones; so thought I’ll show you all a few things that I am loving this AW21 and how you can get the look together!

Links to our cozy fall decor

Pompom textured linen duvet set: Mirabel by Altrove. Buy here

Rosalind Wallpaper by Mirān

Arm Chair in ochre suede by TMBC Home Jaipur

Linea Ribbed cushion in Ochre by Altrove. Buy here

Camilla Cushion by Altrove. Buy here

OSYNLIG swedish branch and juniper candle by IKEA. Buy here

Fluted mug by The Purple Turtles. Buy here

Hand dipped cocoa candle by Armatuer. Buy here

Undyed Linen loungewear by Saphed. By here

Checkered Chair pads. Buy here

Knitted Throw. Buy here

Ceramic lampshade. Buy here

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