I know I’m late in doing this post, but I’ve been busy. Really, really busy. Merry Christmas To all of you, who’ve been my inspiration, friend and teacher in this blog-land and otherwise. Hope you all have the happiest of times with your loved ones!

Before I begin, Thank You God for giving me the ability to feel, the ability to laugh, to cry and feel sad for the deceased. Thank you for the air that I breathe every day, for the ample food in my kitchen, for the roof above my head and the warm shelter that you’ve given me. Thank you for every single day that I’m good and alive. Thank you for giving me the best people around me as friends, family and loved ones.

Thank you Janice and Kristin for being my friend and such an inspiration. Wish you two a wonderful Christmas. Thank you Ree for the wonderful work on my header and for being my friend. Thank you Shri & Chandrika for following my blog and being great friends too. I count on your feedback. Thanks to all of you who’ve read my blog, commented and followed. Wish you all joy and a Christmas to remember forever

Merry Christmas mom and dad for the being the most wonderful parents on earth. I wish to be your daughter, everytime I’m born. You are undeniably the best folks in the world and I’ll be so lost without you guys.

Merry Christmas R, for being my greatest support and my best friend, without whom life wouldn’t have been so beautiful. You know you make all the difference, in more ways than I can put in words. You deserve a platinum medal. You mean the world to me.

btw, I inherit that red t-shirt, thats given 🙂

last but not the least, Merry Christmas to all of you who will read and is reading this post. Let’s barter happiness and joy.



4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas”

  1. What a wonderful message of gratitude and happiness 🙂 May the New Year be a good and blessed one for you and yours. Thanks for those lovely and festive pictures.

  2. Well, I’m even later in replying than you were in writing your Christmas post. I’m so pleased to have got to know you through our blogs and have enjoyed seeing yours grow. Your Christmas photos are beautiful and your sentiments of gratitude for all around you expressed here even more so. Having already read your New Year post I know it didn’t turn out quite as you would have hoped, but despite those first couple of days I wish you a wonderful 2011 full of happiness, good health, good times, beautiful people, success and peace. You deserve it!
    With love,
    Janice. x

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