Sunday morning to you ladies and gentlemen! Or Saturday night to those of you curling up…we have Marsala {yup, Pantone colour of the year that is}, gold and a bit of smokey blue here in this sunny India apartment and methinks its screaming spring.

When a French blogger and decor enthusiast showed me Jessica Alba’s home yesterday, I couldn’t help but fall in love {just a bit} with gold and Marsala. NOW, as you know me, I am not the gold and Marsala girl. I have never been the gold and Marsala girl. But somehow, when I saw it all fall together in Alba’s porch- and she did it up with bright Ikkat prints and reds and succulents- I fell in love with the combination.

But again, that’s not how this wannabe beach house rolls in terms of decor, now, does it? Marsala and Gold had to come in seamlessly with this beach inspired pad, and rather than going black/beige/marsala/gold or dusky pink/tan/marsala/gold I paired it with whites, smokey blue, yellow-green and Navy.

marsala Gold 1

The reindeer is a gift from granny. It’s over 100 year old and is made of brass. I painted over and distressed it to give it a gold-leaf look. The chair is a gift from my father in law, it was originally a hideous dark brown-marsala ugly duckling, the rim of which I painted white. Brought out the yellow seed planter, filled it with potting soil and grew mustard greens. Nothing fancy shmancy you see 😉 Just a bit of foofing and pulling things here and there {the thing that husbands are very apprehensive and unapproving of} and a bit of white paint {oh, wait I am judged on this big time but I give a darn}- the usual!

Considering a lot of emails poured in with regards to Spring Decorating and what colours and how to decorate for spring, here’s my colour palette for spring, how to decorate with marsala and not overdo it, and how gold is coming back this spring.

These are my personal opinions and tip and trick- take it or leave it- ideally take it because I have spent your share of time in going wrong and making many decor mistakes 😀

marsala gold 4

Marsala in Spring Decor

1. Stick to little things. Think chair backs, cushions, lampshades, planters or statement pieces like a Queen Annie chair. Avoid using Marsala all over your house as it will make the space look smaller.  This is a strong colour and does well when used to highlight and not as base.

2. if you are a fan of warm colours, try salmon pink, puce, sun glow or amber along with marsala. If you are into modern whites, combine it with white, isabelline, chestnut and tan. For dark lovers, I think black, steel, grey and marsala will be very classy. For sea lover and beach house enthusiasts, the above photos are your que. Play with smokey blues, navy, whites, stripes in monochromes, gold and marsala

Gold in Spring Decor

Yes, marsala might be the colour of the year but gold will show its true colours this spring-summer. And why not when it can effortlessly highlight any drab damn vignette! I am loving a touch of gold in my home this morning and its the closest I can get to decorating with sunshine 😉 Not very tricky as a colour per-se; just keep it to vignettes and 2% of your decor. Try turquoise, terracotta, greys and whites around it. You know, gold also does very well with green. One effortless way to add this combination to your decor is to get a brass planter or spray paint any planter with gold spray paint. Done!

marsala gold navy

Happy sunday

Happy Spring

Happy Marsala and Gold.

Roy XO

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