Cyber Monday is gone and I didn’t buy anything online. Makes me feel so poor! I’ve been eyeing a teaset for one on but didn’t buy. Not that buying on Cyber Monday is a tradition in here; in fact I have never bought stuff online on Cyber Monday anyway. Just a passing thought and an excuse to buy stuff I guess…

But what is tradition in this hot and sunny corner of the world, is to sit by the air condition on the night before Christmas, sip wine and decorate the Christmas tree together. This is also where I’ll talk about love.

Not so long ago when I dated this man in this house, we use to frequent a slope. It was our favorite spot. You see, we were not the “happening” couple, frequenting discs. We both love our beer with Smashing Pumpkins or Devendra Banhart, lying down on the slope, as the sun goes down and as the stars starts twinkling. We both appreciate silence, deep breaths and recollecting thoughts. So on one such occasion, I expressed my sadness about being away from family and not getting to celebrate Christmas, not having a tree. Those days I used to share a room with a roomie. This man gets up and tells me, well, why not? “We can buy the tree and deck it.” I was not ready for it. I was absolutely not sure what to say considering I shared a room so, I said, “Well, I don’t have a house of my own and I’m sure you would not do this for me every year so I should get used to it”. He took out a piece of paper and wrote these lines down:

“I will be there for Christmas every year. When you have a home for yourself, I will buy you 1 new tree every year, each tree bigger than the year before and we’ll celebrate it just like you used to. If by passing year the tree gets too big and we can’t buy, I’ll make it for you. I’ll come from office, take out 2 hours everyday and make you a tree to the roof”

After all these years, he still keeps his promise every year. We have negotiated a bit on the tree height but there is never a Christmas that he is not around and we are not sipping wine by the cooler, decking the tree up, the night before Christmas. This guy’s love is for real. I now share a beautiful house with him which we call home.

I have put him through a lot. I whine, I cry, I am overtly emotional at times, I pretty much torture him. But he never walked away. He never gave an excuse, never lied.

He may not be the romantic guy who gets you expensive gifts. He is definitely not the one who surprises you with breakfast in bed. But hey, he is the guy who buys me pink roses, 2:30 at night and tells me whenever he passes this flower shop, he thinks of buying. But the traffic doesn’t allow! He is the one who keeps a record of the most minute things I like and I dislike and sorts me out. He is the guy who once told me that down the line your life will be divided in two parts: one that do not have me and the one that does. I now see the difference.

That’s us on two wee hearts! We drew them with markers and we dangle on the tree, very close to each other. Another tradition that we made up. Writing our names on ornaments, and hang it the last on the tree, beside each other. Lets see who else makes it here.

Its been 6 years that I am dating him and I just cant get enough of this man and his ways. As I took out our holiday decor accents, I couldn’t help but do this post. I assure you there is love. Just believe.

toodles XO

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8 thoughts on “Love & Christmas tradition”

  1. Dear Rukmini, I just loving reading your posts. You and your man have beautiful souls. Very best wishes for a wonderful life together and another wonderful Christmas.

  2. So beautiful, love this story of your love <3
    And you've explained it right to the point so to say, this is what real love is all about. The little things, the unexpected, the things which make the every days ever so magical 🙂

    1. *blushing* I showed it to him yesterday and saw a faint blush on his cheeks and droopy eyes. But of course it didnt last long for there came, whats for dinner immediately!

  3. This story is so touching Rukmini….I especially love the laying on the slope watching the stars part. I’m a romantic too. And, the wee ornaments you made are fantastic…what a lovely tradition you two have started. xo wendy

    1. Glad to know that you are… I thought as much! Btw, we often talk about you in this part of the world. 🙂
      Badly want to go to Canada and see you…

  4. Beautiful post ! Words, thoughts and pictures, truly a Christmas tale, one that lasts and that I wish will last on and on for the two of you. Thank you so much for sharing.

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