IKEA India opened its first store in the charming city of Hyderabad and what a show it was. On 9th August, 10 A.M, the gates to this Swedish Giant’s first India store was thrown opened to the many people of Hyderabad and India, and little did we gauge that 4 lac square feet would fall short of place on the very first day- at the end of it all, there was a 2 km long traffic jam outside the new store. 

I know I am late in doing this blog because I was traveling but here are all the photos of the store, the products and the super fun we had in jamming with the happy yellow and blue frat. Oh and by the way, if you are wondering when their online store will be active, it’ll still take a while and we are talking mid 2019! I know. Quite a wait this has been for IKEA Hyderabad and the Mumbai folks are literally on “Is it just a figment of our imagination or will it really open in Mumbai” mode but I can assure you whenever that happens, it’ll be worth hiking from wherever you are in Mumbai to my neighborhood because bro, you want those lamps at 699/-

But first, a little about IKEA’s most colourful collection to date, inspired by India and etched in Swedish pattern- a tribute to the country they’re soon to launch three more stores in.

URSPRUNGLIG: Inspired by India

Swedish simplicity in art form meets the gorgeous colours of the flora and fauna in India and what we have is Ursprunglig- a happy little collection that oddly reminds me of the Jungalow. Look how our Dhurrie stripes got a complete overhaul in here.

Soft furnishing + Moodboards

Yes, a round of kilim for everyone please! God, I wish I stayed in Hyderabad. 

Furniture: Kitchen + Dining

I am mostly a more word per photo person when it comes to my blog but this will have to be an exception. I really will have to be more photo per word because whatever I will be adding in here is only 30% of what you see of IKEA Hyderabad. Not to mention, I had to pop two aspirins and one combiflam with multiple sprays of Relispray to recover from all that walking. I am also wondering if I can take the poetic freedom to tell you all that this blog is written from not sweat and blood but sweat and Calf muscles! 

Look at those price and the value for it! Also, clippings from their eucalyptus as place cards are a brilliant idea. I know some of youo will cringe at the barrel distortion going on here but believe me, there was so much to click, I couldn’t care less though now its sort of bothering the bejesus outta me. Regardless, here are are a few of the best setups I have seen and under a lac for the whole kitchen modular is a great bleckin deal. 

Furniture: Bath

Vanity affair y’all! Vanity affair. I am so super glad that we will finally have a place to buy vanity without buying a hole in our pockets. And this set up is so coming home once IKEA opens in Mumbai. Just cannot wait. Let’s just agree that our bathrooms are no good. Unless you like it like this in which case I have no qualms. Continue. Also, lots of terracotta inspirations in IKEA India- from dining to bath and beds. More on the inspiration bit later as I pull out a lovely conversation I had with Mia Lundstrom- creative director, IKEA.

The God of Small Spaces

There is one thing though that honestly sets IKEA apart when it comes to its furniture line. It is the attention to detail, competitive pricing in great design and how it can simplify your life. Take a look at this bath corner for example which fits in a snug basin, vanity and storage, all in 3 by 2 ft. Also, note the handy storage + hook option that lets you hang your towels without occupying any extra space. I fucking love IKEA. 

Or take this fun little laundry for example

By the use of clever rails and a bit of organization skills, you could turn a wall to a laundry- space no bar. Got no window? No worries. Check that rack on top that mimics an open window. Fun right? 

Then ofcourse you have toiletries galore- where you don’t have to sacrifice one single bit- whether colour, design or material. I think if I were a genie, I’d choose one of these bottles to live instead of that ol’ lamp

Hooks. God, thank you for IKEA

From vintage french coat rack styles to round towel hooks, linear, simple ones to ornate- I may have spent a while here thinking of all the places in my home that could use a hook. But guess which ones got me? If you know me well, write in the comment section. 

You also have these which are super strong and looks super nice. I bought a few of them- I am yet to try on my tiles. Also, please note the kitchen towels. Haha, who wants a French farmhouse in the middle of Mumbai eh? 

IKEA Dining- Y’all know dis good sh*t

(Singing in my heart- Race with Chyna, r r race with Chyna)

Lines and lines and lines of beautiful dining options- match it up or mix it up- the possibilities will kill you. By this time, the rush had begun. I was being literally thwarted by people and customers to even take a closer photo. And mind you, I was here at 8 in the morning and I got in here at about 11. I was right in the store. And yet I was here at 11. Because? 

Salmon Bitches- IKEA India’s 1000 seater restro serves up Indian & Swedish delicacies but I don’t care much for a samosa

Because when you have salmon, dill and a squeeze of lime on your plate, you straight up close your eyes and go to the Norwegian Fjords and cold waters and fresh salmon and herring and a few round of schnapps. Uff. Death. They serve salmon two ways- a cold salad of cured salmon and a broiled salmon with fries and salads. Try both. Then die in food related orgasmic pleasure. 

And that ladies and gentlemen is IKEA’s restro which also serves up juices, cafe and pastry. I need two stomachs the next time I am in here. By the way, if you’d like to pick pastry up, its after the check out. It’s not from in here. Just a heads up 🙂

IKEA Lamps. Prep yourself for the happy jolt

So affordable. And such great designs. Totally in love with how it’ll completely revolutionize Indian homes. Much needed. See, the thing is, when you constantly make things thinking “for the mass” you somehow tend to undervalue the mass to some extent. You need to understand that as designers, you can simplify, educate and elevate the whole experience for a customer and not just assume what people like. Super glad IKEA is doing that for India.

And by now, my feet had already given away but bro, who will talk about the gardening section y’all?

IKEA Gardening

You’ll literally go insane if you walk into the gardening section of IKEA. And I am so happy they brought in the same line they have in Sweden here in India because that’s what we want right? I couldn’t carry a thing with me thanks to covering all this for you but here are a few of my favourites. 

Btw, these are real terracotta pots and not plastic ones which makes me incredibly happy. 

And now ladies and gentlemen, here’s a little of the lady who risked her calf muscle for yall

That’s what I wore to the launch- you see when you gotta cover the miles, you better dress simple. Keeping with IKEA’s motto much. 

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of India’s first IKEA. 

<<Numb Thumb, ladies and gentlemen. Numb Thumb>>


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  1. OMG I am drooling over the pics. Now all I have to do is wait for IKEA to come to Delhi. Or, they launch their online store!!

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