How to keep flowers fresh or how to make flowers last longer. Yes, yes, I know. Finally the DMs are getting answered and trust me no one’s happier than yours truly to be able to finally get back to the blogging groove and solve some of our daily, small woes that often become big hindrances in path of that perfect home.

But sweet relief isn’t it? To know that not only can your flowers last longer than a day or two (count up to a week) but can also save you tons of money if you are buying it from the market with a few simple tips and tricks? Now thankfully, I have a mothership of all decor ideas for a grandmother who taught a few handy ways to keep up our sleeves and a few I’ve learnt on my own through trial and error but I can assure you these work. Next time you are onto your floristry best, consider these points to keep your flowers fresh

Change water

Now before you complain, how often do you change in your vase? Just keeping your flowers in water is not enough. Change the water in your vase—ideally once every one or two days. You must not let it get cloudy because that’s when the heebie jeebies start and it rots. If you are working with a large bouquet and cannot rearrange the flowers, use a pump to take away some water and fill some fresh water in. Or carefully tilt the vase and discard water and fill under a tap. 

The Copper Coin Trick

Now how does that keep flowers fresh? No idea. But when I read about this in apartment therapy, I put it in action and it actually made a difference- even in peak summers. However, I have only tried these with roses and tube roses. Hibiscus- no. Don’t know if it’ll work.

Snip the stems in an angle under running water

It’s fairly easy as to how to keep flowers fresh. And it really takes one a few minutes from their day to keep them looking healthy. For example? Snipping the stems. Like changing water, snipping is important to extend the shelf life of your store bought cut flowers as stems start softening from the cut end and restricts water absorption. Also, it is important to cut it with sharp sheers under running stream of water or a sink full of water to avoid air bubble.

Soda. Yup. You heard me

A little sugar is good for every one (i am off sugar for a couple of months because I have had my 100 years quota of sweet treats already)- even for your cut flowers. Adding half a cup of soda to your cut flowers increase shelf life- all thanks to the sugar. Alternatively you could use 1:1 tsp sugar:salt in one cup water and mix it to your vase too. 

So go on, try these out and tell me if it works for you. And if you find them working, do leave us a comment- it makes our day. Need to get ready for famjam- major major festival here in Mumbai with Ganesh Utsav starting today, and which marks the start of the festive season here in Mumbai- and then later, coffee with friends and a lovely seaside home that we are renovating. Ah, god, I live for these days. 

But above everything else- Ganpati Bappa Morya. Have a great day, may the days to come give you peace, prosperity, and the kind of wealth you’re interested in. Let the good times begin! 

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