Well, hello! Happy Saturday ladies! Just thought I’ll pop in and say hi before my cuppa gets over and I get sucked into that vacuum where I exist- and I solely exist- as a sophisticated slave. I really think I should change this blog’s name to the sophisticated slave. Would suit me fine. I go for wonderful bike rides and then there is ‘what to cook for lunch’ banging at the back of my head. I’d drink a coupla and then there is what new out of existing pantry can become the munchies. That, my friend, is sophisticated slavery and if you, like me, have been an SS for long, holler here in the comments section.

I have a dark feeling that this month is going to be the last of my sabbatical. But then, there is light in the darkness and I will tell you in due time what’s brewing. Would have to take a long ride to town everyday, huffing and puffing in the city bus but there will be exposure and knowledge and much to gain. I’ll tell you ladies, I’ll tell you.

Styling with fruits 2For now, its just me, the same old feelings, the same cuppa but a new orange.

Happy Easter to friends in the US, UK, AUS, NZ and yes, Romania and Germany.

Have a wonderful and happy weekend.

To SS ladies!



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