So this explains why I was missing.

I took some days off and ran to Goa with Ro and couple of friends- a place I always think I’ve had enough of but always fall in love with.

Quaint Portuguese homes, lots of old bottles on white fence that reflects sunlight, cheap booze, dreamy porches, lazy days, fantastic sea-food, outdoor lunches, soft grass and vehicles of perceptions- what’s not to like, eh! You see, in my heart’s heart, I’m a 60’s child- muted by this mundane modernism and “making it”. So whenever there’s a scope to go beyond what’s visible, I lap it up.

For all those who don’t know about this little state (apart from the fact that it shared the fame of being a hippie capital since the 60’s and continues to be) Goa is the smallest state in India which also ranked the best placed state by the Eleventh Finance Commission for its infrastructure and ranked on top for the best quality of life in India by the National Commission on Population based on the 12 Indicators. You’ll know its true when you walk past the beautiful cottages of the locals- they are educated, they know how to do business, they hardly or never cheat, expect fluent English from even the fishmonger, they are polite, you’ll find most of them running small accommodation and food joints and chilling with a small hatchback, kids and dogs, there are no cops-no thugs, and most importantly- There is no running or queues!

There are silent roads, pretty white churches, Sunday mass, lots of flowers, sea, sand, hills and fabulous local sea-food.

In Arambol, one of the best places I have been by far! These rocks remind me of high seas, crashing ships, pirates and see if you can see something extra in there- on top! Some one cared to paint one of the peaks!!! Yay- now that’s crazy Goa!

It was raining all along- yes, this is the “off-season” but tell you what, this is when its real fun. No honey-mooning mushy Indians, no aunties and uncles to give you vibe, no whatever crowd, no blown out of proportion rates- its just perfect. We found a beautiful room for less than 10$ a day in Martha’s Breakfast Home- a home run bed and breakfast joint by Mabel, Martha’s daughter or like! Loved her home, the luscious garden, her sugar bags but not too much her dogs!

This is where we stayed!

But no trip in monsoon is complete without our amphibian friends and the karma chameleon. Is it?

I really had to go close enough to get this one- but I guess he was kinda okay with me. He even looked at me for a great pose- too bad i shook the cam!

Frogs I think for that matter of fact really mind being photographed. This wee one ran away before I could take a closer shot at his neon mid rib. Trippy, huh? Do frogs eat chikoo? Because if he does, he was definitely at the right spot!

We ate breakfast beneath the chikoo tree and lazed our afternoons beside the pool- this was a different kind of blue!

And of course there aint no chilling without some red wine straight off the bottle!

And some food- Deep fried king prawns with poppy seeds, Lady fish fried, crabs in Goan masala, and a burger from a friend we know, who is a chef for Bella Rosa, Goa!

That’s a lot of food yeah! But you know this would not have been possible without our ride and my so patient sponsor!

Love this ride! Light, peppy and perfect. I’m gonna buy one of these.


My very cool fiance with extra ordinary amount of patience, of whom I’m a sidekick! The one who loves standing next to a blue bamboo fence…

Gopal Dadhich and Sareeta Meena.

A very comfortable pair to hang out with, with no tantrums what so ever. Gopal is a freelance CA and runs his own beach shack in Arambol called Maya. (Open from September to March). Sareeta is a designer who works exclusively with organic materials and fabric- her brand Maya Ethno was recently featured in Times and this 25 year old shows potential. She holds exhibitions, events and hand stitches every detail in her clothes.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this bit

Have a great week ahead!

14 thoughts on “Goa”

  1. I have never been to Goa but my husband really likes it there. He says the beaches are nice and that the food is terrific. I’m glad you were able to get a few days away.

    1. Tammy- you need to experience it for yourself. Its like an overnight bus ride for us, so we keep going…and trust me I never get enough of it. It’s just fantastic- a little paradise.

  2. Ahhh! beautiful, heady, intoxicating Goa!! Im remembering Pineapples and coconut oil, turquoise paint and green palm tree fauna pushing through the crumbling colonial facades… In a heartbeat, Id go back!!

    Thanks for making me remember ^^

      1. Thank you! I most certainly will if I do! India round 3 is definately on the cards some time over the next 2 years ^.^

        1. Well, India, I cant tell but Goa- you can visit it as many times you want and it never really gets old! I have a friend who recently opened a shack in Goa and mostly i’ll be going there to work for 3 months! yay!

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