Dining room ideas for the dedicated dining room less city dwellers. Haha, you’ll get it if you’ve watched Julie and Julia way too many times in your life and I stole the wording inspiration from a wonderful reader who commented on my post saying, “Rukmini, this is to me what Julia was to the servantless American cooks”. Jesus Christ, I swear I was double with goosebumps because hey, Julia Child! Really though, a dedicated dining room is a luxury many of us don’t have and when you are living in a small space, you need to constantly think about how you can utilize spaces for maximum visual and functional impact.

But tell you what? It’s not all that difficult to have a perfectly functional dining nook for yourself in your tiny apartment which not only serves multiple purpose but also becomes a focal point of your home. Take a look at these dining room ideas- which I am afraid will break a few rules- but will make you very happy when you eat that breakfast or dinner. I promise. I mean if I can do it in a 500 sqft. apartment, you can too.

Got your cuppa? Good! Here we go

Use the windows for Dining

Windows have been my preferred place for keeping our small dining table for two because of two reasons-
A. I love to sit by the windows and eat
B. Because our dining table doubles as my craft table, our working table and my photo op so it’s best beside the source of natural light.
And I love a spot by the small sun shed that we have. Other than using a wall to rest your dining, how about utilizing one of your windows? The sun sheds that we have seems perfect for a little slice of outdoor with your food. If you have a view, that’s cherry on the cake.
#Tip: An overhead light with soft lighting makes your dining experience so very bistro like! And a good lamp turns your dining to a focal point you’ll love to talk about!
#Tip: If you don’t have space for overhead lamps, try an arch floor lamp that curves and rests over your dining! That looks fabulous too!

Next time you weave them dining room ideas, look at the bright side. Gettit?


Use up a corner with a banquet

Dining room ideas you can smash bank on. If you have a corner to spare, use that as your dining space instead. Use a round table and flank it with banquets for seating. This image is from House Beautiful but I am quite certain we have some corners we can cut!
#Tip: A round table works fantastic in small spaces, specially if you are using a corner. A mid size round table also can accomodate more people as it does away with edges. I would love to have one honestly.

If you must use a wall, Get a bench that fits below the table

You’ll thank me for this hack! Small spaces can totally look gorgeous and this is proof! I promise I will do a wall dining shoot and update this here but till then see this. If you must use a wall to have your dining area, other than getting 6 identical chairs, get a bench to rest on the wall side and mismatched chairs on the other to create a bit of whimsy. But that’s not the only reason why. Even if the window didn’t exist here, the setting would have looked equally stunning. I have looked at a lot of dining room ideas from the following links, from where in I have also added the images.
The above image from one of my favourite blogs: Hege in France
The image below of mismatched chair inspiration from another blog I love: Welke.nl

A wall mount dining? Why not!

Got a tiny wall that you can spare? Here is a dining room idea that you’ll love. Instead of using the floor space, keep them free for your chair and use the wall instead. You can use the chairs as seating when guests are over and the use the dining as a side table! Add a vase of flowers and voila!
This image is from here

For limited floor space, use a small study table and add a marble/glass top to turn it into a dining table. That’s my dining table!

Traditional dining tables are large and occupies a whole lot of space. Have you thought of turning a study or a simple side table to a dining table? No? rethink. A nice little top could save you whole lotta space and can work pretty well. That’s what my dining table is all about. It’s not a dining table at all!

6 thoughts on “#100SmallSpaceIdeas: Dining Nooks for Small Indian Apartments”

  1. Edison light looked amazing and the new light from pepperfry oozes elegance!
    In small spaces would chandlier fans make it glaring?

  2. This is really jnnovative, Rukmini. Traditional dining tables are large and somehow your ideas seem so cosy and comfortable.Also it is easier to use a smaller table for other purposes. Looking forward to more such ideas. BTW an apartment complex threw out tonnes of aglaonema and yours truly always armed with a sturdy bag collected some from the dump (not a dustbin),since I already have enough and more plants I plan to give them away once they recover from the trauma of being uprooted. Monsoons are a good time to get loads of plants absolutely free.Every walk yields some bounty.

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