Decormatter is our hashtag on Twitter where we are trying to get in all the decor queries, new decor brands, new designers, global trends- both vintage and modern and what’s happening in the decor front in India and abroad. Over the next couple of weeks we will talk on Twitter with Decormatter as a hashtag {#decormatter} and I’ll love if you come in and join the discussion. I promise you great discoveries on the decor sector- I’ll do the homework so you don’t have to!

Decormatter French Farmhouse Styling

To give you a sneakpeek of what’s coming up next on trumatter and Decormatter

Our first brand find of the week is Cyahi Design Company. It’s an absolutely smashing crockery website that manufactures Porcelain quarter plates, dinner plates, coasters and mugs and Can I tell you that I am all cuckoo for them. Didn’t do a shoot with the plates I bought but here they are in the background. I am still a bit torn between wall plates or accent plates!

Decormatter Cyahi Plates

On Decormatter, our next muse is La Casa Arte, a luxury home decor brand who handcrafts from Udaipur, Rajasthan and specializes in gemstone decor. Did we say gemstone decor? yes! That’d be right. Think quartz coffee tables, agate tabletops, banded gemstone trays, agate mirrors and luscious bone inlay drawers and chests. La Casa Arte is fit for a king and didn’t fail from making me feel like a queen.

Romil from LCA sent me a lovely tray and a single agate cheeseboard oh so generously: I am to style the agate tray and the beautiful Agate cheeseboard this week and show you how I am getting in a bit of luxury gemstone love in my beach house decor.

Decormatter- Agate Tray

Third in line on our Decormatter is definitely a yummy recipe that I have created in collaboration with Fujihoro India and it’s got peaches, white chocolate ganache and poached peach in Madagascar Vanilla Paste! Absolute yumminess follows! I love the Fujihoro Saucepan and it’s so versatile in the kitchen. From sauces to poaching and even tossing a quick few veggies: The Fujihoro saucepan is one of my favorite fly in the kitchen.

Decormatter Fujihoro

Later in the week, on Decormatter, we will talk about home exteriors and how to choose the best colour for your home in collaboration with Asian Paints. Asian Paints has just launched the book of colours- exteriors and it’s an amazing book that shows you how to choose colours to highlights the architechture of your home, various options in light dark and medium and in two broad section- modern homes and traditional homes.

Decormatter French Styling

And last but not the least, we will talk about French Farmhouse meets beach house vibe styling and a few must haves to get that photo ready home. It doesn’t have to prim and proper is the first rule though 😉

So that’s it, that’s how our week looks like here at Trumatter and Decormatter and I hope you all find this train of events useful. Come join us with #decormatter on twitter.

Love, Rukmini


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