Hello Ladies! All set then? Are you spiking your morning coffee with whiskey like me? Are you wearing your beige peep toes and trying it out? Haha, or maybe testing a bit of rum while making the rum and raisin cake? Girls, while I write this, Im sitting in a blue, green and white little cubicle, with my Second cup of “morning” coffee and all my mind is not at work. I can see only glittery bells, sunshine on my feet, lots of TV and chocolates on the center table. I do not want to work, not now! Who does!

So, here is my tree that we decked up last to last night. Simple red and white with touches of silver. This is not a real evergreen, a fake one, but I do think it looks gorgeous. Well, we did it over some really good port and a “rehearsal chicken wings on barbecue sauce”. I’ll give you the recipe after Christmas, or if anyone wants it before, let me know. I’ll email it to you

This is how she looks with lights on. I love to switch off the lights of room and simply stare at it. It is so dreamy. It makes me sing “and man will live forever more, because of Christmas Day”

Merry Christmas my beautiful friends. Have a fun filled holiday, laugh a lot, spread cheer and keep being who you are.

From us to yours.

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6 thoughts on “And man will live forever more because of Christmas Day!”

  1. Rukmini, I have awarded you the Liebster Award. I hope this is okay with you. You certainly deserve it! Oh, and you certainly are invited to my sugar party with the girlfriends. How soon can you get here?

    1. Maureen, I am more than honored to receive it! I don’t know why some people do not really accept award and pass it on. There are so many worthy people around us. I am very honored Maureen 🙂

      About the party, Im mentally there. I just wish I was in canada. Eat a cupcake extra for me, would ya?

    1. Lol. Well, I guess my Royal photographer, great grand fathers genes have expressed in me 🙂 Good for me. And thank you 🙂 Yes, eat my share. Make sure you really do. Lucky girls!

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