When one tells you that a certain bunch of roses will last for an entire year, you raise an eyebrow. In curiosity and in amazement. And then of course, as a pet parent, you ask the most obvious question: are they preserved in toxic chemicals?

Unlike a lot of blogs that would want to hide these in fine print and glorify the roses first, I choose to address the elephant in the room. Because when that is answered, it becomes truly easy to tell great things about these flowers- one hundred percent of which, every word I speak, is true.

A little about Forever Roses

Forever Roses are real roses that last for a whole year! Each flower is handpicked, its stems are removed, and the buds and petals are treated with a non-toxic solution that preserves the flower in its peak form. The roses end up retaining their shape, structure, and softness and can be dyed in almost any colour you can ask for, including metallic shades like gold & rose gold highlighting.

Call me wild but the very mention of gold and rose gold guilt rose reminds me of high arches and elaborate carvings and plush velvet. Won’t they be absolutely perfect in a luxe setting?

Super safe to keep around pets and children, these come all the way from the beautiful country of Ecuador, one of the 1st exporters of fresh-cut flowers around the world. For now they are stemless and are arranged in an acrylic box, but there will soon be a stemmed version {or so I hear} and I am ordering 100 blush pink. Oh! The colors though! So gorgeous. Also, I hear that there will be hydrangeas as well.

A big bunch of hydrangeas that stay for a year. Now won’t that be incredible?

But for now say hello to “Forever Roses” which has the most gorgeous blooms…

And you can get them right here in India. There is one very important observation here: when you touch the flowers, there is no residual dye, no toxic smell and the petals feel just as fresh as a fresh flower would except for the metallic ones. Those feel slightly leathery- but still very soft.

I remember using a bunch of dyed roses for our project once and they borderline smelt of ammonia. If fresh roses smell of ammonia the whole purpose is defeated. No?

The Government of Ecuador, through its Embassy and Trade Office (PROECUADOR), is to promote this in India, and we also got H.E. Ambassador Mr Teodoro Maldonado to throw a little light on the process. He adds, “The climate of our country-particularly in the Andean region- and its geographical location on the equator, allows us to produce the best quality fresh roses. Once preserved, the roses do not require water or sunlight to retain their form and under optimal conditions, the flowers can last for years

And I see a myriad of possibilities with these gorgeous forever roses

A diwali hamper with a set of 9 roses? Decorating your home with these during monsoon when the weather is dull? Weddings? Photography and styling? Your wedding bouquet? popping the question?These roses can be used in so many meaningful ways! And thanks to it staying fresh over a year, it can be reused making it a very cost effective option. Event designers and wedding gals- are you listening?

For the likes of us, who constantly need flowers for home photos and don’t get the right tone and colors, these can be lifesavers. I mean what is this magic?

“Real flowers that last over a year is simply an understatement!” says Priyanka Verma (Founder of Ecua Flores LLP, the largest importer of Forever flowers in India.) and you know what? We completely echo her sentiment. Its nothing short of magic.

You can get these flowers at Ecua Flores the only, authentic importers of preserved Ecuadorian flowers. Also, check their highlights on their instagram for the myriad of colors available in these!

Can’t wait for our little bouquet!

Love, Rukmini

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