Here is your list of Best Christmas movies this season

And before you ride me off, let me tell you I have seen them all. I am a self proclaimed, self-certified Christmas movie connoisseur and my standards are pretty Christmassy when it comes to Christmas movies. What does that mean? It means, the movie must and absolutely must, fill me with a sense of joy and mushy gushiness on how being good is really the most ultimate thing a person can wish for. Yes, if a Christmas movie doesn’t take your “let’s be totally good” quotient up, it’s just a movie with reindeer.  Then ofcourse, it must make me go and tell my cats how I love them more than they’ll ever know and then make me have a cup of cocoa {even if I am not hungry} & singing falalalala, rather obnoxiously loud. These my friends are the prerequisites of a good Christmas movie and if it can do this to you, it’s good.

I have been doing this for a lot of years now, so come november, I open the box of movies and shuffle the old and the new so you can bank on me for this. Haha, I am like your tester for Christmas movies of sorts. If you want to see a Christmas movie and you are not sure if its good, run it through me babe. Or best, just go through my blog.

10 best Christmas movies of all time

Annabelle’s Wish

Annabelle’s wish is about a calf who is born on Christmas eve and a young farm boy who loses his voice, and how Annabelle gives up her wish to be a reindeer to wish for the boy’s voice back for Christmas. It’s really magical. Like I don’t even like cows but I’ll take Annabelle. And oh, see till the end okay!

The Christmas Chronicle

Kurt Russell kills it. He is possibly the hottest and coolest Santa {yes, simultaneously} ever to do a jail rock, trying to save Christmas against time when two kids get stuck in his sleigh and brings his reindeer down, also losing his sack of gifts. As a movie, I’d rate it 4 on 10 but as a Christmas movie, it’ll score a good 7. High point: When those damn fine reindeers take off the streets of Chicago like a boss. 

The Elf

You know, I’ll be honest, I did not want to see this at first given how predictable it is but I loved it. There are some weird plotting of the movie and a lot of random stuff happen but what’s really important is that it teaches you to keep the Christmas spirit high. That alone is awesomesauce. 

 A  Christmas Carol

Scrooge. Oh, I cannot tell you how wonderful this movie is! An old Ebenezer Scrooge is not just a heartless man but also despises Christmas as commercial ‘humbug’. But what he doesn’t know is giving happiness to others bring happiness to yourself. This one is a classic. 

The Polar Express

I don’t even know what I like more in the Polar express. The movie or the illusive ghost or North Pole or the animation style. Or best the jangly bell that you can only hear if you believe. The Polar Express has become a sort of tradition in my house {involves me and cats only} every Christmas eve

The Grinch Who stole Christmas 

Can you believe I haven’t seen this one until now? Like last week? Bloody shame. But what a fabulous movie and Carey just takes it to a whole new level. So what is this about? Well, this is about Grinch who lives just outside Whoville in absolute Solitude and despises Christmas. However one certain Cindy Lou believes in the Grinch and sets out to reform him! 

Hallmark movies- A Christmas Wish 

A mother and her three children braves poverty and a cold winter in a new town when her husband runs away with another woman with all their money. The trio struggles hard to keep the spirits alive and well…I wont tell you the end. It’s nice. 

Maria Carey’s All I want for Christmas is you

A little girl wants a dog and she sets her eyes upon a furry little white pup in the adoption center. However, her father- to test the waters- brings home a stray pup and tells her to take care of it while the pup’s owner is away. A super fun movie about the struggles of having a puppy- which pet owners can very well relate. 

Christmas with the Kranks

The Kranks don’t want to celebrate Christmas one year when their daughter flies away and decides to hit the beach and get some sun, sand and romance. But life has something quite different planned for them when their flies back home for Christmas to surprise them. 

Hallmark movies- Fir Crazy

Elise works hard, dislikes Christmas and worse- gets fired! Now, she is forced to work in her family’s Christmas tree farm and that’s certainly what she had looked forward to. However, she soon gets to the heart of things, saves the business and falls in love. Predictable, but soooo mushy! 

So here we are! Best Christmas movies that you can chromecast out on a cold, cold evening with some spiked nog or cocoa and let your soul lose, happy and free in the spirit of Christmas! 

P.S. The weekend is almost here. 

I am just sayin’


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