Diwali shopping? You still have a week so hang on before you make the hurried decisions. I have a weekend destination for you this Diwali and it’s a place you’ll adore- no questions asked. I spent an afternoon {they almost had to drive me away because I just wont leave} with the lovely people at Baaya Design {in Raghuvanshi Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai} learning all about their Diwali designs that are now in store and they are so avant garde- in terms of both style and technique.

I was completely smitten by their brass and hand beaten copper collections that they launched this Diwali. You’d in all honesty not see Indian designs moulded so well to contemporary aesthetics. Designed in house {I met the designer and she is as cute as a bee} and hand crafted, each single piece in the brass floral jaali is moulded and attached to form the larger design and yet you’ll not find one single visible joint. It looks as if someone dipped a tree in molten brass. If you happen to go too Baaya, look for the “Tree of life”. It’s not just a wonderful piece to add to your room, but also is a piece that’ll make you fall in love with Indian, ethnic craftsmanship. The best part is you’ll find coasters to screens and tealights- all crafted for your modern-ethnic home!

Honestly, I could just show you the wonderful photographs and tell you what all you can grab in your Diwali shopping bag but it will be a terrible attempt to commercializing a wonderful place which puts in so much to bring back quintessential Indian art and art forms to modern structures; to give it the recognition it deserves. I mean I didn’t know about Lippan Kaam- a typical mudwork from the Rann of Kutch until I chanced upon a bright white wall with tiny mirrors in it that exuded that typical clean, vibrant beachy charm.

Lippan Kaam Screens at Baaya Design

Though not a part of their Diwali collection, I’d still like to put in a word for the gorgeous screens they have in store. From Pattachitra {a typical painting style of Odisha} to Lippan Kaam- which sees a lot of mud and mirror work; From Gond to Madhubani and kalamkari- their screens are to die for. And I could think its use in so many ways! Hang them on the wall as your focal point, turn them to headboard, turn them to a screen {which is obvious} to divide spaces and use them as sliding doors. I was quite taken.

Screens remind me that Baaya design not only have in house products that you can fill your diwali shopping heart with but also transforms spaces with consultations. They have a beautiful range of furniture, upholstery, storage and lighting. And I loved the decorative vintage mirrors which I thought could work in a super modern home too! Oh, and hah, push me off the cliff but I had no clue west bengal offered such beatiful Jungalow style woven baskets! Oh my god. I am from Bengal. Push me off the cliff!

Anyway, moving back, their Diwali collection also featured beautfiful beaten/hammered copper art pieces- from tumblers and jugs to wall mounts, enameled plates and overhead pendant lamps. Honestly, I thought the overhead pendant lamps were so scandinavisk! But hey, they are as Indian as a glass of cutting chai. You know this is what kinda had me at hello. They are turning Indian design into a section that’s fluid. That can blend, mix, match and flow to your decor and not just restricted to a certain rigid style. It’s very important because it somehow also reflects us as a generation. We are open to the world and I find designs at Baaya so reflective of that.

Oh, and if you thought it’s the big game, get to the counter and look for their fridge magnets. Designed in Indian patterns they evoke a very Russian matryoshka-ish vibe- and they start at 120 rupees! Seriously, they are creators and so true to their name: Baaya is a weaver bird which creates the most complicated nest our of sheer twigs and dust!

You see, they really had to kick me out.

Diwali Shopping: My Favourites

Its impossible to have favourites here because its just all too pretty and yet, look for the brass coasters that are so funky! Another favourite of mine are the jute baskets that resonates so well with me. Also, get through to the second room that finds place for enameled glasses, beautiful candles and earthenware which is perfect for both corporate and personal gifting. Oh, so gifting reminds me, we have a little something for you!

Stay tuned to our contest where we give away a wonderful cacti coaster set from Baaya! All you need to do is follow us on instagram

Leaving you all with a weekend full of clever and beautiful Diwali shopping. Will say hi from a place I always wanted to visit!


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