I know you are aware of my love for white (like I haven’t pitched in for crisp whites already), but once in a while, this girl behind the blog likes to do beige like a bawse. Probably the only possible colour distraction you will ever see in this house- actually, some blue and blush won’t hurt either- but beige and putty is where my money is, and we have the perfect bedding for the rains!!! With heaps of white, beige and flange to breeze us through the dull and dreary days {but very much cherished in Mumbai}, the beige Hygro bedding by Spaces is so, so good! Oh, and did I tell you I love flange? Shams and pillows with flange are my favourite thing, and I completely love how comfortable, soft, plush to touch and cosy the bed sheet and pillow covers are. And before I forget, the fabric and detailing are just…how do the youngsters call it these days…on fleek?

Primped up our bedroom today with a bit of Taupe and white from Spaces, and it complemented all those white and greens so perfectly, and it all looked so comfortable that it made me late for work: I took my breakfast and pre-office reading to my bed and wondered why on earth do I have to step out anyway. But then, out or all those big comforts going on, a strange thing happened. A photograph on my phone took me back to my wedding, and blurred memories of really forced gifting resurfaced. A friend of my mother gifted me a very cheap blanket; I wasn’t cross that it’s cheap, but this is Mumbai! You can have Rukmini roast if I were to use that military blanket. What was she thinking? Plus, negative 10 points to it being oddly wrapped too.

Gift because you want to!

The horrors of lousy gifting are everywhere, and it’s time to make things right. Now that the shaadi season is on, I think I should again- on behalf of all brides who are, and who will be- like to request the wedding attendees who are planning to buy gifts, to deliver us from blanket, clocks and fountains. There are 0 points for the uniqueness of your gift unless it’s a necklace worn by Rihanna at a surreal themed Met Gala. Gift something that people will remember you for, and one they will find use because when two people start off, it’s the gift stash that comes in handy, the most.

For example? You could very well give me a kickass bedspread, and I will remember you forever. After I got married, I used bedspreads from times my mother and mother in law started their nook, and a right bedspread is a memento in itself. I have had so much fabric from mom and mother in law that I always think the fabric is a beautiful thing to gift.

If you want to gift something worth, gift a right bedspread. And if you’re wondering what a good brand might be which caters to global aesthetics and premium fabric in India, Spaces will be it. I had used the botanicals from Spaces before and banked on the Hygro {which the company claims to wick moisture away from your body creating a cool comfort feeling for a relaxed sleep} for our summer, and I love how it looks and feels against my skin. Mine is a white and beige, and it comes with four pillow covers, two of each in the contrast colours with a contrast flange and looks oh so classy. I think I am almost veering towards snagging the taupe one for myself. A little pre-birthday gift to self {My birthday is in January mind you}

Or if you are a print fan, the occasions baroque in powder blue is just bomb. Cannot get over how beautiful it is and how striking the contrast pillows are. But of course, these are my picks, and you can choose from about 30 premium designs- a pattern, colour and design that resonates with you.

Made in 555 threads count and woven in a sateen weave, these spreads are luxurious. You can believe me {because I am generally always guinea pig-ing myself} or you can see it for yourself and thank me later. The new line of bedspreads by Spaces is beautiful and makes for the perfect, perfect gift for occasions.

Buy here: Spaces Hygro Beige

Alright, off for some tea XO

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