Summer Flowers + Trick To Simple Dramatic Florals

Summer is here. Yes, it’s blistering hot but summer is here. I might just be a hippopotamus and never step out of the shower, but summer is here. I am doing a little happy dance at the moment, irrespective of being fully aware that soon I’ll huff and puff and crave for chilly blast from […]

Pretty homes, tea and a rendezvous with Central Park

Home. What is it in home that makes us feel cocooned and safe? Often now than ever, I find myself flipping pages of brochures in my free time shuffling through projects, homes, properties and real estates as if I were getting paid for it. Clearly in the pursuit of better living! A few have brought […]

For the love of Fiddle Leaf Fig

“A Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is decor gold because of its structural coonstitution” I am late to the party but I love a good Fiddle leaf fig tree to go with my coastal decor. Haha, I know. It’s everywhere. I know, I know. Much like the white rug with black lines that almost every one […]