Christmas decoration! Happiest topic to talk about y’all! Just the very mention of the word makes my heart go all fuzzy! Wonder where I caught the Christmas fever from though. I blame the air. Like flu, magic is in the air too!

Welcome ladies and gents to another rubble-a-bubba-dub-dub. Also wonder how you all stuck through all these years reading everything from rancid rants to roaring rage; ruminations, reminiscences and decor romance. You all sleigh!

Also, super happy to be meeting you all regularly here in this space I almost call home and it makes me feel elated to be back writing regularly. For Marlin’s beard I can’t express in 10 words. I CANNOT. Almost like asking a fish to climb a tree. Nah uh. Not happening. Nada. Zero! Long live long form, revolutionnnn….

Haha, okay! Enough.

On to my 5 favourite brands in India to buy Christmas decoration from

Over the years I have had the opportunity to meet & e-meet a few wonderful people who do the most divine Christmas decoration. A mix of small and global brands- these outfits have not just been my recent favourite but I have been banking on them since 2015. And when I write this piece, I can tell you that you can trust every single word I write because I truly believe that these are your best bet for Christmas decoration.

Okay. Here we go.

Meraki Cards for Ribbons & Cards

Shradhha is probably one of the very few in India who does Christmas decorations like a boss. Ihave used ribbons from Meraki Cards for ever and they are handsdown- my favourite.

The Indian Shelf for Christmas Tree Ornaments

I chanced upon The Indian Shelf on Amazon and I have been hooked since! Beautiful, vintage glass ornaments at a price that’ll make you very happy. All my mercury glass ornaments are from The Indian shelf.

IKEA India For Trees, Lanterns & Errythang

Christmas decoration from Ikea

You wouldn’t need any introduction here and yet! Handsdown one of my favourite when it comes to Christmas decoration or as they like to call- Vinter decor. IKEA I tell you has been my fav forever. I cannot lie.

Amazon Basics For Plaid Shawl

Plaid shawl from amazon

Now, not necessarily Christmas decorations but this one section of Amazon have quite a few snagworthy stuff. This plaid blanket for example. At 1200 it’s a bloody steal. Buy here

Forest Kraft For Wreath

No one does wreaths like ForestKrafts. Last year she sent me one of her pinecone wreaths and it’s absolutely divine. Check her out for more beauties from forest finds

Now, go knock yourself out!!! Bom Dia!!!

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  1. Absolutely wonderful post there! Feels so much like Christmas after reading this post 🙃 checked out all the sites and you are on point with their collections. I have been looking for plaid and Christmas theme ribbons since like forever and meraki has it all. Even the glass baubles are wow. This Christmas is going to see some new addition to my collection he he 😁

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