We are thick as thieves, we two girls are. Me and Reema Banerjee! And I have to mention that she is a marvelous writer. She can juggle and mix, humor and sarcasm in such a beautiful balance that you just cant ignore her blog. Anyway! Lately we have been talking a lot. Talking and succumbing to a lot of whims; not to forget sleeping at dawn, almost every weekend. We just seem to find every thing funny and gossips just don’t seem to end.

Last weekend, giving in to one of our whimsies, we decided to bake ‘something good’. And, hang on, these are the words which followed. “Something different, something unusual, not sugar cookies, something special, something weird (that also came).” At one point of time, I actually thought of porcelain. Maybe bake porcelain or something! Oh, so many somethings came and went passed before we made this cake that speaks for our artistic grandeur. Tastes great too!

We wanted to play with colors , so we used, Betty Crocker’s Moist White Cake Mix instead of starting from scratch.


We used four colors.


The procedure is very, very simple. Prepare the cake batter as instructed. Decide how many colors you’d want to use. And divide your cake batter into equal proportions equal to the number of colors you have chosen or plan to use. Grease a baking pan, we used a 9″ round, and start pouring the color, you’d like to see on the rim of the cake. If you want to see red on the rim, start with red. Follow the process with all of your colored batter, pouring on the top center of the previous color. The idea is to achieve a concentric layer.

Bake at 200 degree for 25 minutes. Go, trip!


We had to face a bit of cake rage at some point, but it came out just the way we hoped it would. And before we could actually sit and pat each others back, a big chunk was gone. Courtesy: The perpetually hungry Ria Banerjee. We heartily gobbled the trippy little cake the next day at work, with Irish Coffee. Our head also buzzed a bit but that’s alright! At least, now we know what’s hiding at the end of a rainbow!

~happy weekend~

2 thoughts on “The Rainbow Cake”

  1. Hahahahaha…we devoured it! This was actually a very trippy cake. The 60’s cake or something. It tasted extraordinarily ordinary. The making was fun though!

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