Wicker Christmas Tree Skirt


Tell us, have you ever stared at a Country Living magazine Christmas photo with longing in your eyes, and wondered why do we never get such gorgeous tree skirts in here? Yes, we too! We very much too! So much so that this year other than wondering and wishing hard on the cosmos, we went ahead and collaborated with DaisyLife – a Pune based home decor outfit who work with plant based materials like bamboo, wicker, jute and coconut, to launch wicker Christmas tree skirts which looks absolutely stunning and is made right here in India! Woohoo! Okay sorry, this was supposed to be a product description!

In short, start singing Falalalalala!


Our preorder starts tonight and runs through to the 20th of October

Your tree skirts will be delivered from DaisyLife, directly to minimize back and forth, on the first week of december! Which means plenty of time to deck the halls

Our Tree skirts measure 45 cm mouth x 61 cm base x 27 cm height

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Made of wicker

Polished for longevity

How to take care for mould: Either use brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner or mix one part bleach with 3 parts water, soak a sponge and wipe the area with the solution. Dry before using.


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