Tvis Vintage Candle Holder


Because vintage candle holders are bae. There! As millenial as it sounds but there is no other way to describe the beauty of a design from the past. Group them with pillar candles and votives, easily light up corners without burning your hand and ofcourse, make a lovely vignette with a few books and flowers. Our candle holders are super handy, cute and looks very good with a bit of rust and lots of grey-taupe.

Say hello to Tvis, our tiny little capsule for the festive season

A little about our collection

Tviṣ is our very first lighting and home fragrance collection and it owes its name to the Sanskrit word which means “light, lustre and brilliance”. It also means “to shine, sparkle, and glitter”.  Pretty much sums up how we would like to wish you a Happy Diwali and a happy festive season ahead!

Minimal in colour and style, Tvis celebrates form, detail, the material used and the occasion. Naked, local clay with all its flaws shines through in a beautiful Grey-ish Taupe through the entire collection and the difference in treatment within the collection gives it the much required change.

In Tvis 3 piece line, our TruHut incense burners are fully glazed. Tvis hand poured candles enjoy both glazed and bare clay and the candle holders gets a little iron oxide at the rims for that true vintagey look. And they are just enough to start a conversation, but never too much!

Our pieces are also high fired at 1220 which means they are super durable.

Size: 3.8″ diameter and candle diameter 1.8″

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About Tejashree Sagvekar Pottery

Tejashree makes her own clay and glaze; perhaps one of the very few in Mumbai who do. This is one of the main reasons why we chose to work together. It’s important to see and feel the material before thinking form because every clay converses differently with design, and we are glad we could do that together.

Please read carefully

Pre-orders are made to order and they generally ship between 15 to 21 days. We believe that all good things happen to those who wait and by far we have had wonderful people patiently waiting for us. So yeah, if you are known for the greatest virtue that mankind has ever displayed- which is patience- go on and knock yourself out!

Dispatch and Delivery: Our batches come to us on the 2nd october. Ships on the 3rd and 4th october. All tracking codes will be emailed to you.

Unlike manufactured products these are handmade- every bit of it- and like you cannot ask the moon to not shine, you cant ask the clay to dry faster.


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