TruLiving Bloom bottles

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Little bottles. Big joy.

Carry coffee, keep chili vinegar, serve olive oil, add milk and serve tea with quirk or uncap the cork and use as a small vase. Our bloom bottles holds 100ml which I find perfect for carrying a strong espresso to mix with hot water!!!

P.s. you can also carry polyjuice potion in it.

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1 review for TruLiving Bloom bottles

  1. Deeba

    Truly gorgeous. Was here to.order all 3 things in this frame. Please let me know when they’re back in stock R. Thank you much 💗

    • Rukmini Ray Kadam

      I cannot tell you how elated I am to see you here. I will cherish this comment forever ❤️ And yes, certainly will let you know when they are back. Thank you so so much for stoppin in

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