Customized Gunny Sack Herb Planter


1 bori basil please! Gunny bags are my favourite for pretty much anything because they lend that ‘straight outta farm’ feels to anywhere you use them! And then they made them in ceramic to grow herbs and plants with custom tags and I am like….whaaa…gurl! This is not how a product description should be but we are friends aren’t we?

Customize tag with upto 20 letters. Wait time for custom tags are 2 weeks.

Inside is unglazed to prevent root rot

Made in India

Please note these are handmade and contain imperfections.

The  measurements also vary slightly. Some of the pieces will have glaze marks, some with little notches or kiln marks and we value them. It tells us that a human hand made them and are made with love. 

approximate measurements

Diameter (mouth) 4″x Height 3.5″

Each piece is unique and due to their handmade nature no two will look exactly alike. Kindly note.

Shipping Free within India

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