Tammy from Agrigirl’s blog wrote a wonderful post on house plants: Tammy’s top 10 reasons to have house plants, which was, really, a great read. And ever since I stumbled upon her blog to till date, there wasn’t a post I found that was of any lesser interest. Her posts are full of solid insights. To top she also has a wonderful style of writing and blends humor and information in a weave that’s simply brilliant. Head over to her blog to see what I mean.

(I love white pots)

I totally concur that house plants are a great way to cheer any space up, whatever the theme of your house or room may be. A dash of green gives any corner or place an instant lift: whether in a simple tub or as a part of a more artsy assembly. House plants seriously have no substitute.

(My little succulents are flowering. Rests atop my window table 2, on some discarded books these little things look great)

From what I have researched and tried, here are few decor possibilities with house plants that would not only  give your home a touch of peace but also thoroughly rejuvenate you. Wait, I have a word for it. Seeing them in the morning, does that what a cup of warm tea does to you on a nice winter morning.

Here’s what you can try:

1.  Group similar plants in different tubs

2. Group similar tubs with different plants

3. Play with tub textures, tub heights, or color- go monochrome or vibrant.

4. Try potting different small succulents in a large square tub.

5. Ferns are great as house plants. Also, if they dry you can do Ikebana  with them and they are also inexpensive

6. Try different colors of flowers, preferably from the same color chart and group them together

7. Try out of the run potting ideas like- jumbo teacups or empty tins. They look absolutely brilliant.

8. Give your old tubs a new look. (yeah, this is where I come in). Rope in your loved ones and have fun re-potting.

The possibilities are truly endless.

If you have a house plant that also flowers, you’ll see how you feel when you see a bud or two waking from their long slumber! House plants really make your day. It does mine for sure.

Have a great weekend ahead.

7 thoughts on “House Plants: An easy and effective way to a good looking home”

  1. Your apartment is so beautifully cared for, and the little details everywhere are lovely. See, to me a pile of books is a handful of books that have not yet been put away; to you those same books are a pedestal for a plantpot! You’ve either got it or you haven’t, I guess! Have a lovely werekend!

    1. Thank You Janice. Honestly, my apartment is so small that I have no choice but to care for it and keep things properly. (smirks). I remember, back in my parent’s home, people used to dread going near my cupboard: open it and you’ll be showered with clothes. Know what I mean ;P

  2. i couldn’t agree with your more about decorating with houseplants. they instantly brighten up a room. l found a sugar dish that was missing the lid while out thrifting. i came home and used it as planter.

    thanks so much for stopping by my blog this evening. i really appreciate your visit.

    1. And thanks for stopping by my little blog too! I completely dig house plants in different containers. Dont they look wonderful? I’d love to see your sugar dish turned planter. Im trying to grow some herbs at home now, which reminds me, I need to choose the container. Its so much fun.

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