(Can you see those tiny little things)

Can you see the smile on my face? I am officially growing eggplants now, which means my next plateful of Baba Ghanoush will be from my kitchen garden. Oh, I’m excited. Ā I bought this plant from our local nursery and I was promised that it will not survive as Eggplants do not generally do well in a wet, humid climate. Well, being me, I still picked it up. You see, if has to die anyway, why not try once to save it. Since I have never grown eggplants before, a dying sounded like a better guinea pig to me than a healthy plant: I would have felt terribly bad had it died!

(There it is, in all its glory)

But see! It made it. Now it’s flowering and at this moment has two growing eggplants, all healthy and swaying! And all I did was keep it in the kitchen during day and keep it out at night. darling eggplants survived!

It makes me so proud to think that I grow my own vegetables or at least try to! Who wants to visit the mall! Not me.

So, what are you growing in your garden? Would love some tips, tricks and advice.


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