The joy of buying things are obviously tempting. But the joy of making them is immortal.

I wanted a cozy bedroom dressing table that could go with my relaxed room decor with white washed furniture. I did not want to go the traditional way of buying the most beautiful dressing table available in the store. So, i whipped up myself an idea. I assembled a discarded cane wood shoe rack and a wall mirror that perfectly compliments each other and looks as a whole.Ā  (Photos to follow later šŸ™‚ )

I rescued this battered old shoe rack from the loft and saw a lot of potential in it.

For now, i fixed its wobbly sides and cleaned it. Tomorrow it shall see a makeover. Any suggestions with the color guys?

6th august

In a moment of choking dilemma, my best friend, guide and philosopher, R, asked me to bless it with a coat of white when i was somewhere dangling in between the lily of the valley blue and pale pistachio. Not too much into decor, this boy is absolutely brilliant when at it, like everything else and as always. I love you, R. You are a blessing.

I was not too sure of another white furniture, lest it rendered me a “white-0-holic”, but who can stop the inevitable. A coat of white is surely what it required.

Thank you to my very dear uncle for the suggestions. I wish I was not in such a humid zone to accommodate mahogany šŸ™

Thank you, Janice from: for the inspiration, suggestion and for getting me quite right from across the miles. I wish i was half as talented as her when it comes to hardanger sachets. She is a “wonder hand”

Presenting the much controversial Shoe rack.

Living in this jet age that’s studded with technologically enhanced furniture, complete with chrome and metal and of course in most cases a remote control, its a respite to find a piece of the bygone era to put your wish upon! Something so dreamy and white and beautiful and organic and so out of another world that itself becomes an escape to the fantastic lacy, gown laden era where the gentlemen were gallant and ladies as soft as the peonies; Where children played with sheep and grandmas concreted her grandchild’s belief in fairies! Furniture that spill love, comfort and warmth. Furniture that makes you wish upon a star.

14 thoughts on “DIY: Transform a shoerack into your bedroom dressing table”

    1. “Typical” of those who are unable to understand the beauty of something simple.

  1. Your new dressing table is lovely, Rukmini. I’m guessing it will soon be white…?! I agree, it’s very satisfying to re-use old things and make something beautiful again.

    1. Dear Janice, thank you so much for your suggestion. Maybe it was not too hard to guess after all, with my love for whites and all that.. šŸ™‚ I did go ahead and paint it white last night and im looking at your suggestion today…wow! Is it the sheer magic of two similarly thinking grey-matters or am i getting really predictable! See my updated blog and let me know how that looks!

    1. Hi mama, im so glad you commented! By the way, I went ahead and just gave it a coat of white after a coat of mahogany, as you said. I wanted to retain its natural flavor along with giving it an uplift. I hope you will like this.

  2. I think white was just what it needed. I love it when we can bring new life into something with a simple coat of paint.
    Hope your weekend is lovely!

  3. Hiya Mini,

    Not such a big fan of white but this looks lovely. My mum gives you two thumbs up. Yeh sab room mein hi hain kya? Where’s the place for all of it? And sun na, I want to get started on a jute & bead wall-hanging. Any ideas? I’m no good at weave..**sighs dramatically**

    1. Kiron Abraham, thank you šŸ™‚ I know your mom would dig this. And about the place in the room, its called the art of arrangement ;p
      Yes, i do have an idea about jute and bead wall hanging. Will tell you!

  4. The joy of buying things are obviously tempting. But the joy of making them is immortal…. amazing line and a very nice post… Good Work there Rukmini !!!

    1. Thank a lot Tracey!! Your comment just made my day here. I’ve been a secret admirer of your blog and i have to admit that I ADORE IT, right from its tags to the delicious designs and photographs šŸ™‚ truly inspiring. Look for the updated photographs in your sweet time.

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