I agree. There is a charm about milk glass that’s in no other. Long before it got its due worth, got tagged as vintage and came about the etsy shops as must have’s, I knew I wanted my own set. I adore milk glasses and as a kid I remember thoroughly admiring my granny’s hutch which was studded with crockery made out of milk glass. Oh! The candle stands and the pudding bowls. How I still want them and I know eventually they will be mine. But for now, here’s a quick DIY to turn your plain glass to milk glass.

Here’s how: (don’t miss the tip at the bottom)

Choose any glass jar or bottle you’d like to transform. Preferably with texture on it as it will help intensify the effect.

Now, pour in some color in it: you can use any shade of latex acrylic paint with a bit of water mixed in it or plain acrylic paint. Ideally choose a shade that’s near to chalk white or pale white.

Once you have poured the color, swirl it: from base to top. Invert. Wipe the rim with a cloth and let it dry for at least a day.

Group them together or scatter individually. They look really nice. Try it!

TIP: I have looked around the blog land for this and in lots of places I have found instructions that calls for spraying the glass from outside. Talking from experience, spraying them from outside will not give the same effect as painting or spraying them from within as doing so makes it lose its glassy sheen and makes it look more like painted glass and not milk glass.


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7 thoughts on “DIY: Make your own milk glass”

  1. I’ve never heard of milk glass, but I can see how it looks close up, and your tip to work at it from the inside is a great one, allowing the natural quality of the glass to remain, while the colour is seen through whatever original texture the glass has. Lovely idea. I really like the texture of the glass you’ve shown close-up.

  2. Well, thank you 🙂 To be honest, neither did I know that they were called milk glass. We used to call this ‘white glass’ or if it was more opaque, porcelain. The term “milk glass” is a new addition it seems which became much popular during the fin de siecle.

  3. I love milk glass and just uncovered some pieces that were my mom’s. As for your question on my blue ball jar project – I painted the outside and am not sure if the color will fade. I have replaced the water for the flowers since they are still going strong.

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