This had been on my Do It Yourself  list for quite sometime now. With the grace of one “no-office” Tuesday, I finally, finally, finally got myself around to make and install these haughty glass jar pendant lights. Believe me, the entire set up cost me only 6$. I think even less than that. 240 rupees. Convert into any currency you want and it’ll still be just as liberating to know that it can be achieved without shelling bombs out of your wallet.

Though not an antique mason jar, an ideal choice for glass jar lights, these jars fit wonderfully for my glass jar light project. These are olive jars- a variety specially used to can and store olives in brine. I fell in love with them when I saw them lying at a friend’s kitchen. Her mom was extremely happy to give them away to me; bless Mrs. Banerjee and her non-political nature.

Here are the steps:

1. Clean the jar and the top of it and if it has a plastic lining, remove it.

2. Punch a hole through the lid and insert the wire.

3. Attach the sockets for the bulbs to fit. Ideally take a very low power bulb, mine is 15 watt.

4. Tell your electrician, or you can do it yourself, to connect the wires.

5. People either keep it open for a very vintage look or frost it for a modern look. I kept both the options open.

6. Take a sheet of frosted paper and place your glass jars in it. Take measurements and cut out a jacket for the jar. Cut the ends so that when you make a cylinder, it overlaps the other. Now, secure one end of the margin of the paper to the other with sellotape, leaving 1/2 cm extra from its best fit. So, that it fits the jar without being torn and also not fall off. Use it as you want.

Success at its best. Let me know how you guys liked it!

Have a great weekend



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9 thoughts on “DIY: Glass Jar pendant lights”

  1. These are fabulous. I love the homey yet industrial feel of these. I don’t really have any place that needs more lighting but am definitely going to keep these in mind if I do.

  2. Rukmini.. You inspire me.. I am going to try this soon !!! Keep the creative juices flowing !!!!

  3. These are wonderful! They look really good hung as a pair. I could imagine them as a row of 3 or 5 in the right situation too. $6! Wow!

  4. What a great idea! It’s even better to re-purpose and reuse than it is to recycle. Love it!

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