It all started with some old burlap sacks and two tin pots that were lying around. And it took me quite some time to figure, what am I exactly going to do with it.


So, measured the tin-pots which was 30 by 15 and cut out a 34 / 17 cm strip off the burlap sack where the design was embossed; with a 4cm margin on top and 2 cm margin at the bottom.  I folded the top in 2 x 2 cm folds (outward) to give it a grain-bag look and the bottom into a 1 x 2 cm fold (inward).

These are the next three steps I followed.

Step 1: I secured the burlap folds with hot glue.

Step 2. Reversing the fabric, I stitched and secured the two ends.

Step 3: I slipped in the pot in it.

Have a closer look.

Have a great week ahead!

3 thoughts on “DIY: Burlap Flower Pots”

  1. They’re fantastic! What a good idea! I don’t think we have any of the sacking you’ve used. Our basmati rice comes in plastic bags…

  2. Thank you…I am also in the process of utilizing this particular fabric in one or maybe two other way. What an interesting fabric and how come I never thought of it 🙂 I am thinking of starting an etsy shop. You think it is a good idea?

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