Problem 1: My dressing table needed a lamp.

Problem 2: A lamp of the size I want would cost me atleast 1200 rupees or 30$. Hmm! not worth it.

Solution: DIY.

Method: Rip off the lamp to the carcass. I had a wooden base with an iron pipe and a holder attached on it. I ransacked the storage and found this out.

I fit the lamp frame to the holder that connects to the wooden base and connected a bulb. Use it as it is or with a handmade paper shade which I made by simply rolling the paper and covering the bulb inside the lamp frame.

New lamp in no time.  Here’s the old one.

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4 thoughts on “DIY: A quick lamp makeover”

  1. Thank you 🙂 Isn’t this really simple? That was my sister’s fav lamp though. I hope she forgives me when she sees this; considering this is far better than what it was before. ;P

  2. This is fabulous, what a wonderful transformation!!!!!
    I think if you added the rosettes to the pillow it would look really pretty!

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