Its been a while that I’ve been obsessed by this particular fabric. And every time I see these gunny bags lying around in my craft space, which of course is the result of me falling head over heels over them and then picking them up, I get tempted to make something out of it. But thanks to Melanie Thompson that I actually got the courage to make a cushion out of it, for I always thought they are hard and are not very comfortable. I was wrong.

Burlap is not only comfortable but is tough too. To top, it looks extremely chic. The star on top comes from the same burlap bag which I have cut and stitched. It is not really the look I wanted, but for a hands on lesson, this was great. Both doing and seeing what its becoming into.

Vintage ones will follow!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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6 thoughts on “Burlap cushions”

  1. Nice post again.. but isn’t the material rough on the skin??? I agree it is not a pillow, but still as a cushion, it can leave marks and scratches..right?

  2. Hey Shri, no. I used to have a similar idea that they were rough and bad for skin but they aren’t. Its quite in vogue now. And it doesnt leave marks and scratches at all šŸ™‚

  3. The stars were part of the burlap bags that I had. I stitched the cushion from the plain part and then snipped the stars from the sides (they formed the border) and stitched it on one corner of the bag. I procrastinating few vintage ones…lets see how they come up!!!

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