The scent of autumn, and how I love it. I was desperately waiting for its signs before bringing out my autumn decor and to my glee, we finally have that signature chill in the air, with cool mornings, interspersed with few hours of warm sun and a cool, breezy evening with cozy nights!!! Did I mention I love autumn?

Last evening while returning from work I gathered some twigs and made this dainty wreath for my living room. I didn’t want something too large, just a pretty little thing that screams fall is here. So, after tying the twigs to an arch with burlap strings, I added some paper leaves, patches of burlap, a lady bug that my uncle sent to me from Germany and a couple of pine cones! Simple and easy autumn wreath took me only half an hour and not a minute more. I love such easy peasy things.

Would love to see how all of your fall decor’s shaping up!



14 thoughts on “An easy Autumn Wreath”

  1. okay. i needed some prodding. i’ll be gathering some twigs later today. i will. i will. probably (i live on the edge of a forest…it takes like nooooo effort!).

    i do love the smells of autumn! ever stick cloves into an orange to scent a closet? YUM.



  2. Oh Michele! Try this out. I wish I had more of these coz I wanted to make the wreath a little more thicker. These were the “wet from dew” bendable sort…so only found a few, late evening,lying on the grass. Rest were all dry and brittle! But nevertheless.

    I’ve never done that btw…I have kept vanilla pods in a sachet, but never this. Sounds like a must try.

  3. It loves lovely, Rukmini. Very simple and effective. I am very lazy about decor to match the seasons. I have a lovely terracotta pumpkin that I put outside the front door in autumn but that’s about it! 🙁

  4. Janice! Yeah, it is quite easy as compared to the ones I see around. Of course they are exotic and unique but I somehow like to keep things in their natural form. I dont like masking…You know, just tie a couple of twigs and throw in some leaf. They look just as great.

    By the way, here in India, we only get green and yellow speckled pumpkins. What a major PIA (Will tell you the full form via email). I wish I had one of those terracotta ones…it wouldn’t have gone bad, it would stay with me forever!

  5. This is so wonderful. I liked this so much with a little Lady Bug sitting there. I gave 5*.
    Soon hear from me.

  6. That is so sweet and simple. I used to do holiday decorating but that seems like ages ago. Maybe a good idea to start again.

    1. I insist! Start again. In fact how about turning trash to treasures this autumn. We can have a nice link up party! Will email you the whole plan!

  7. This is by far one of the prettiest fall decorations I have EVER seen. I am in love with this!! Imagine a Christmas or winter themed one? So creative!


    1. Thank you Roselle. It means a lot to me 🙂 Now that you have inspired me about the winter theme, I cannot help but think about it! It will look lovely.

    1. Yadsia, such a pleasant surprise! So sweet of you to drop by. I’ve been drooling over your recipes lately and cannot get over your lemon curd recipe. I keep making them at least once in two month!

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