Did I show this little gift to you? This is a gift from Divya Nair, my ex-colleague and the ‘soon-to-be-the-next-prime-minister” of India. A nesting doll from Russia. They are known as matryoshka dolls. Mine is a set of 5.

The word matryoshka (матрёшка) came from the Russian female first name Matryona. They are also known as babushka dolls which in Russian means grandmother!

2 thoughts on “With love from Russia”

  1. I’ve been to Russia twice and have brought back several of these. One of them has all the Russian / Societ leaders nested inside from Peter the Great to Boris Yeltsin. The others are the usual female versions. I love them all!
    I have an award for you. It’s here: http://postcardsfromwildwood.wordpress.com/2010/10/29/life-is-good/
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    Have a lovely weekend,

    1. Hi Janice,
      Thank You so much for passing the award. I shall certainly put it in my side bar.

      About the dolls, lucky you! I saw some of them in the internet and found some really great ones.

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