With the advent of Christmas, every year, my moods go through tremendous metamorphosis. Swing is not the word here.

This time of the year, I secretly look for flying reindeers.  I cuddle up in my blanket and read about fairies. I stock up on drinking chocolate, I’m otherwise a tea-person and I take time to part my curtain in order for the moonlight to stream in on a chilly night which I prefer to be shut tight otherwise while sleeping. I fall in love with the same things around me and feel great all the time, without a sliver of sadness, boredom, irritation and all that sighing-eye-rolling-unpleasant- to- the- ear abstract nouns that bother us all from time to time.

This time of the year, I secretly wish to see the silhouette of Santa’s sledge flying on a full moon night and wish to find a gift that no one could have sent me but Santa. A miracle. This time of the year, I secretly wish to experience magic. Experience something that I have always read in fairy tales and Christmas stories. This is the time when I’m the happiest. And perhaps, that is God’s gift to me:  To be able to feel the cheer, to be able to be happy, to be able to make my loved ones happy.

I just returned from a 16 day long vacation. I went home. It was good to receive so much love; it made me feel whole again. I have some great gifts to show. Specially grand-ma’s!!

Image courtesy: Rukmini Roy’s first attempt to photoshop!

4 thoughts on “Wishing upon a reindeer”

  1. A very fabulous description through words… for sometime I was not getting the right Christmas spirit… but those words certainly worked a bit of sparkle in me.. Thanks Rukmini… a real good and warm post 😀

    1. Im so glad it did. Its amazing how a particular time of the year eggs me to read Holmes, while the other bit fairy tales. But anywho, this is happy times.

  2. 😀 i’m feeling the cheer alright! kudos to all your innovative thoughts and doings 🙂

    After all “Talent aadmi ke andar hota hai”

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