Something traditional and elegant

Something contemporary and out of the run

Something petit and frail and princessy

Or something natural, country and simple.

With creamy yellow walls and french windows. With white furniture and upholstery.

Think. Think. Think.

16 thoughts on “What my heart wants right now: A chandelier!”

  1. We recently moved into our first house, and the light fixtures are so key! I love vintage iron flower ones (maybe there is an official name for that? haha)

  2. Oh, I saw something yesterday and I wish I’d taken a photo for you. It was definitely hand crafted or at least hand-modified. They had taken a twisted pair of wire and created lovely curly cues and then wrapped different color and different sized marbles in the wire throughout.

  3. Oh…Sounds very interesting…would have loved to see it. I searched for a tutorial but didn’t come across anything wiry and intricate šŸ™ The type i really like…

    1. They look so good! Imagine the classic green/ blue or white marbles wound with copper wires or silver wires? They would look excellent. But, point is in spite of trying so hard, I failed to envision as to how exactly hey would come together as a chandy. Specially with no frame. Can you tell me the topic or the keyword with which you found the chandelier?

  4. First of all – I love your new blog ‘look’. I saw this theme and thought about using it but the photos are a bit smaller than the theme I use so decided against it. Looks really lovely.
    Second – oh dear, oh dear – I went over to Tammy’s link and find imagining a bracelet as a chandelier to be quite beyond my limited visualisation capacity!!! If you manage to create such a chandelier – and I have every confidence that you could – then I look forward to seeing the result! I’m thinking all the chandeliers you’ve shown would look beautiful in the right setting. Maybe you could have a different one in each room! The contemporary one could easily be created provided you get an electrician to wire all the leads – but ten light bulbs would be costly to run.
    We have a vintage chandelier in the sitting room. Do you want to see a photo or wait til you can see it in person?
    Janice. x

    1. Hey there!
      Well, thank you. I was quite apprehensive before trying it out too, mainly due to the change in lay out. But eventually liked it!

      Oh and thank you for your confidence in me which you’ll soon find questionable. The bracelet that Tammy showed is so beautiful in its own that Im thinking of putting the whole thought of making a chandelier behind and make a couple of bracelets instead! I got the whole ‘fall’ thing but how would they be placed is something I clearly failed to envision šŸ™

      Also, yes, 10 bulbs would be costly and somehow I feel they would be way too bright. I’m more of a mellow-light person or at least I prefer lights that do not hit you in the eye. So, option 2 is not an option.

      I’m falling for option 1 every minute and also option 4. I would love to see a photo of your sitting room chandelier. read: LOVE TO. šŸ™‚

      1. Yes, yes, make bracelets! The bracelet was lovely. I do wish I could imagine it as a chandelier. šŸ™‚
        I will clean up the chandelier and take photographs. May take some time….

  5. I want a chandelier too! One that doesn’t break the bank of course. What a lovely blog you have. Thank you for your kind comments on mine šŸ™‚

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