Yes, I have finally moved away from the city, an information for all those who might stumble upon my blog for the first time. And what a task it has been; not to mention, what fun too! More possibilities, more scope of DIYs, more negotiations and finally getting a good deal. I surprisingly enjoy the process. It makes me feel like a winner.

Its raining here in India. From yesterday, that is the 2nd of June, the great Indian monsoon has officially struck the parched subcontinent, bringing with itself the much needed relief. Honestly, after a couple of days we all will be pretty much cursing the rains, but for now, we are loving it.

Although most people would think of it as a bad choice to dab your room with blue when its sombre and grey outside, but I say, what better time to bring out the blues if this is not it. Count the color and of course the music. Different hues of blue and pops of cool color scattered here and there. Ah, I can die for it. I wanted to go blue, lime-green and grey set in the milieu of the darkest grey sky and transparent pitter-patter. I’m clearly going beyond rules.


Oh, and I finally got my hands on a crate. I love crates. This is a mango crate that acts as the center table in the living room. I wanted to give it a worn out white look but I feel for the grain. Maybe later.

of course, these are just sections of the living room and there are lot more that needs figuring, but for now I’m happy with how its shaping up. I hope you all agree!

Have a good weekend


4 thoughts on “Welcoming the change: New home’s living room”

  1. Wow! What a lovely living room make over! Looks so fresh and zen! I particularly like the wooden/rattan table with mason/DIY jar decors on top! Looks like you have a knack on all things beautiful and crafty 🙂

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