God she likes to behave like a lady…or for that matter loves pretending the same. We are having a great time here in the hills, fighting over blankets. And yet in spite of all this woolen conundrum, someone seems to be completely unaffected.

She also loves striking poses

She got high on tea. This little lady is an avid tea drinker. Seems like she will keep up to the family name. We drink lots of darjeeling tea.

She also likes to steal and eat. We all love seeing her do that

Its cold out here and the tea is seeming so fine. We are all huddled up together and having a great time!


Have a great week ahead


5 thoughts on “The warm winter”

  1. I guess am not surprised with the beauty of the little lady coz i i know you , but I am definately surprised d way u caught dat innocence in your lenses i have alwaz loved ur photography skills , even if u dont believe and dis pic kinds of backs my opinion

  2. Hey…the little lady in discussion nearly after a year, still is in practice of having darjeeling tea in the morning [ though, the journey starts with a poop- cee and ends in a teapot]….and still steals bourbon biscuits and eats….[ licks the cream and throws the rest]

    Kate Moss or Padmalakshmi- let her maasi [ rukmini] decide that…..

    As the little lady’s growing up on her ‘kooeeel’s’ footsteps, m sure she will become a sensitive photographer as well….capturing time and moments and taking back nostalgia there….

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