Durga Puja has officially begun and preparations for a whole lot of entertaining, guests, laughter, gifts and “adda” are in full swing! Today is shubho shoshti or the 6th day that marks the starting of this much awaited festival. What a beautiful time of the year.

And with that, here are some interesting cushion covers that me and my sister designed. This is our first venture and we are already getting requests for prototypes 🙂 We wanted to bring out a flavor that is predominantly Indian and rich and luxurious. And nothing could have done justice to such a thought than a splash of splendid and colorful  “Zari work” on plush raw silk.

We also wanted it to look ethnic and very ‘maharaja’ like. So, instead of a lighter contemporary color, we used a deep shimmery raw silk that brings in the mystic past.

Hope you like it!!!

5 thoughts on “The Puja begins: Shubho Shoshti & ethnic cushion covers”

    1. Thank You Janice! I’m so glad you liked it. And I shall make you one for Christmas 🙂 A token of love from India. I actually thought of this when I started the first lot, believe me or you don’t.

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