In larger India, excluding the few states up north and north east, Spring is but extremely short lived. The worst part is, it is immediately followed by the dreaded, sub-tropical Indian summer that is practically unbearable; especially for someone like me who has grown up knowing an extended spring up north, in the hills. But today was Spring! And as I took a walk in the backyard of ree’s home, I knew I had to add a bit of Spring to my condo as well before its too late!


Starting early from office today, (one of those rare days when I step out to see sunlight), owing to a bad tummy and fever, I decided to add a lil’ spring to my room- just to cheer myself up!



Just little things I collected over the years, and a shelf that I dig. A few stones from the spring back home, my favorite glass jars, some green and a message. This really cheers me up. Tomorrow, I shall fix a bulb on top of it! Need to narrow on one. Excited.

Happy Spring all of you!


6 thoughts on “Spring Decor!”

  1. Really like the intricate details that you have looked at… Absolutely love the glass jars 🙂

    1. I love glass jars too! arent they lovely? u can use them in so many ways. I’ve eyed some glass jars in ree’s cupboard. Getting them soon!

  2. I like the soft mood of your Spring pictures ! Very artistic in composition and shades. And your new header… Oui, c’est fantastique 🙂 all that you are in such a small space, quite an achievement ! Congratulations. Happy Spring to you Rukmini, ours will arrive – officially – on March 21st although many signs are there already.

    1. Im glad you liked it. I was behind this header for quite sometime. Lol. Btw, do you know, springs ebbing away from India. Its prolly summertime 🙁

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