You’d think rentals restrict you from doing things but I’d say it only makes you a lot more creative by challenging you everyday! When I couldn’t get real, paned French windows in our rental apartment, I decided to stick masking tape or painter’s tape in the shape of panes and painted them over with light grey! The result is as stunning as ever!

I know you can’t see here (though I tried hanging a cloth somehow) I’ll show you guys at night how pretty it looks! And it’s so easy, Im not sure you’ll need a tutorial thought the tutorial of this and other window treatments will be in my book. Eeeps! I said that. Book!

Very happy with this 5 paise DIY and now that my stomach has settled, even more. Wondering if I should add this to all my windows. Very curious to see how it all works.

Just wanted to stop in and show you all this. Have a brilliant Friday guys.


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