And hence starts the reign of the goddess. The time of the year have done its duty by being the most mild. The sky has done its part by being the dreamiest, bluest blue. The clouds have done their part by flecking the endless sky. The “Shiuli” has done its part by coloring the grass white and the “kash phool” has done its part by blooming just right. This is what we call “Shorot”.

In another 12 hours, the good will take over the evil. The light will take over darkness and the goddess will take over the demons of consciousness. In another 12 hours, the goddess in every woman will awaken and bask in a new light. In another 12 hours, a child will give birth to a mother. In another 12 hours,  nostalgia and happiness will go hand in hand in every Bengali hearts. In 12 hours, its Mahalaya: the auspicious day that marks the advent of “Durga Puja”; from whence in the “devipokkho” starts. And in my mum’s word, “From this day on to the Dussehra, your dad cant refuse to anything i ask for or say. It is the time for the minister of the house; the woman in power.”  And indeed, it is getting together, it is spending time with your loved ones and of course giving and receiving gifts that Durga Puja is all about. It is not the ritual.

Thanks to R. who has always kept in me this happiness burning. And as Durga Puja nears this year, I love him more than ever before.

This is Mahalaya and I am happy already. To me it still means holidays and new clothes and the early radio program that ushered in Durga Puja. Tonight I shall forget to sleep.

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  1. Thank you so much Janice! To you too and from the heart it goes. You are a sweetheart. I’ll keep you posted with the event anf mark my words, you’ll be so intrigued 🙂

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