Is it a bad idea to show your gifts? Well, what does one do then, if one is too excited about it! I, for sure, can’t help but write about it. My thankfulness goes half-hearted if its not in my blog!

Tea is undeniably the love liquor of my life. I do not really enjoy coffee save at times when my mood calls for it. Honestly, going beyond rituals, I’d rather stick to instant coffee than drinking a cup of Kopi Luwak, which actually is gathered from the feces of the Luwaks, after they eat the fruit and excrete the seeds. It is the digestive juices in their gastrointestinal system that gives this coffee its distinct taste and flavor; or so have I heard. Kopi Luwak! No. Definitely not.

R had been to Taiwan for a month again. And this time he got me boxes of “drool worthy” Oolong tea, in Chinese, from Taipei.Amongst them, one is locally made and the other is from Starbucks. Yeah, Starbucks!

(Oolong tea from starbucks)

I do have to confess this batch of tea is nothing like something that I have had before; both of them. Highly aromatic tea with floral hints, the more I try, the clearer I get in perceiving the taste. So subtle and yet with so much individual character that you will but note the difference. So, mild and yet so distinct. These two are so alike and yet so different.

(Jasmine Green Tea. Note the leaves)

One more feature that I have noted is its packaging. It is indeed unlike any ordinary. No square box, no wood, no tins. Plain, soft cardboard packaging, cut, looped and designed to make it look like a show piece! Can you believe this? The paper in the base is wrapped like an ‘Obi’. I was marveled to see this.

(The locally made tea. Unfortunately I could not decipher the language, hence I do not know its name. If some one can read this, would you be kind enough to let me know the name in English?)

We are a tea-loving family. And by far I have been drinking only the best Darjeeling tea; of course you know all about its woody and light flavor that ranks it amongst the world’s bests. But tea, from Taiwan, is certainly exquisite. I will testify for this tea, if there happen to be a Taiwan Tea Festival, ever. By the way, for sipping on this heavenly liquid, R also got me a starbucks sipper. And its pretty brilliant.

I’m so used to drinking Tea that’s only from Taiwan; feels like a princess. “My tea comes from Taiwan”. Lol. R, the sailor, bless you..


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