As October comes, I feel tempted to share the colors of fall. This month has always intrigued me and I do not know the reason why; this month brings with it sudden possibilities and hope and aspirations that doesn’t concern anything in particular. Perhaps because its time to see “kash-phool”, listen to “dhaak” and take out my mother’s sarees! Perhaps it is the time to count days for the four days that strings the heart of every Bengali and whoever has knows “Durga Puja” in a garland. Perhaps it is the time to wait for “Durga Puja” and chalking out what to cook. But that’s another sentiment I’m talking here.

October to me also means Halloween! And if you please, caramelized apples, pumpkins, Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes. Yes, I prefer certain kind of books at a certain time of the year. 🙂

Though Fall is particularly marked with the advent of September, yet this is when suddenly the orange leaf appeals to me like never before. This is when I feel like its time to celebrate fall and egg the pumpkins to grow faster. Perils of an unruly moody mind!

Nevertheless, I hope you’ll enjoy this little rupture of Fall colors, as i dust them out to be in the spotlight and color my room happy. Not very conventional “welcome fall” artifacts; my fall-friends are my dear little oriental pieces. And there is time for Halloween I’m sure! The world couldn’t have been a better place as the east colors the west in my little room somewhere in the middle of the globe.

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